Beyoncé FaceTimes with Fan During Concert


From getting her hair stuck in a fan to her photobomb, there have been plenty of viral moments during Beyoncé’s “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”

During a recent show in Adelaide, Australia, Bey was performing “Irreplaceable” when she spotted a fan using their iPhone to video chat.

“This is a first,” said Bey as she picked up the phone and held it towards the crowd. “He’s doing FaceTime right now.”

She greeted the person with “Nice to meet you” before handing the phone back and continuing with the show.

Last month, she caused a frenzy when she photobombed an Australian fan, although the young girl later admitted that it wasn’t technically a photobomb because she asked the singer for a photo.

Watch Bey give an unsuspecting fan some FaceTime.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    now this is a true artist unlike that ARTFLOP lady


    lilylms Reply:

    @2bad2bme, GIRL, SIT! Lady Gaga do this all the time! In fact, in EVERY concert, she picks from 5-10 or more random concert goers and invite them backstage after the concert. You don’t like her? That’s acceptable. But don’t talk BS when is not true.


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @lilylms, I never stated lady gaga does not do things like this, so use those glasses u got on and read carefully…I just stated she was a true artist unlike lady gaga hunty


    Brina Reply:

    @lilylms, yassss let her know don’t talk about lady gaga like that


    CreoleBoy Reply:

    @lilylms, yawning…. Beyonce is still better!!!! neeeext!


    Ivan Reply:

    @lilylms, LOL, bitch, you’re a grown ass BLACK woman stanning for a white freak that doesn’t even know you’re alive …. look at your life.


    Sushi Reply:

    @2bad2bme, Lady GaGa bought pizzas for her fans that waited to see her. It was worth over one thousand dollars


    Esmée Reply:

    @Sushi, lol, Beyoncé bought pizzas for her fans that were waiting outside too (long before Gaga did).
    No shade btw, I love Gaga. She is very nice to fans. In fact, I think Gaga and Bey both belong to the most fan-friendly people in the music business.


  2. Zave

    If you notice, she always does these things during “Irreplaceable”. If I were a fan front row at her upcoming concerts I would def try and get her attention during this performance. She knows what she’s doing.


  3. Bobby

    Queen of everything including being humble and down to earth.


  4. KenBarbUK



    CreoleBoy Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, bitch please, nicki needs to sit her butt down somewhere wit her fake no having talent ass!! Beyonce is a real artist who can actually sing,perform,entertain,shehas charisma, she is olds chool but with a modern twist nicki on the other hand……crickets lmao


    KenBarbUK Reply:


    did i struck a nerve?

    What are you so insecure about?


  5. Brina

    I love Beyoncé but don’t try to talk down on Lady gaga because she is a nice person too


  6. cuntlejuah

    anything to get a little blog post huh beyonce? ugh.. tired of this hoe… her career is dead…


    thetruth Reply:

    @cuntlejuah, her career is dead? Do you live on Earth? #dumbass


    Rwmendez01 Reply:

    @cuntlejuah, lol she performed the Super Bowl in February and since then has been on her huge tour (which had to be extended due to high demand) and she’s currently working on her next album with all of these websites constantly writing about her (as hard as it is to believe she most likely didn’t grab the phone because she “wanted an article”) so please explain to me how any of this defines a dead career. Yeah, go hate in the corner boo boo ;) byeeeeee



    Nah! So sweet Queen B. Lady Gaga loves Beyonce, and Beyonce loves Lady GaGa. So please stop hatin’.


  8. tre

    when was the last time she changed that blue jumpsuit looks like she stinks and hair is a hot mess


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