Drake Records Song with His Father

Drake and Dennis Graham

Drake has worked with everyone from Jay Z to Lenny Kravitz, but for his next collaboration, he’s keeping it in the family. The Canadian rapper has recorded a song with his father.

TMZ recently caught up with Drake’s pops Dennis Graham on the streets and asked him if he and his famous son had made music together.

“I have! We just did a song together,” he told the cameraman.

Graham was the drummer for rock star Jerry Lee Lewis and taught Drizzy how to play piano when he was young.

“Me and my dad are friends. We’re cool,” Drake previously told GQ. “I’ll never be disappointed again, because I don’t expect anything anymore from him. I just let him exist, and that’s how we get along. We laugh. We have drinks together.”

In other news, Drake’s third album Nothing Was the Same has been certified platinum following its September release.

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  1. TheCreat1veOne

    Can we talk about this photo used for the article tho… I just can’t help but to stop laughing at the dad’s face. xD But that’s great Drake and his dad are collaborating on a song, might be a nice record.


    King Reply:

    @TheCreat1veOne, LOL man I was thinking the same


  2. 2bad2bme

    fake a** Nas


    Sushi Reply:

    @2bad2bme, girl, you posion


  3. Pretty crissy

    I want drake to tea bag me


  4. Mau

    Drake is wack but HIS DAD’S MUSTACHE IS AWESOME


    Bau Reply:

    @Mau, Drake is a god, fuck you hater


    Fool Reply:

    @Bau, get your life. Wheelchair Jimmy aint all that, dont let your admiration for some celeb who doesnt know you exist compromise your morals!


    jay Reply:

    @Fool, Great talk man


  5. K

    that,s nice,ill def check it out.


  6. Atl-ien

    Am I’m the only one who think that his father looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros.


    tlox Reply:

    @Atl-ien, I think you are man who doesn’t have a father figure in their life…that man is in his 70s and support his son..grow up


  7. Sushi

    that’s soo sweet and cool.. i wanna check it out now


  8. Tonya

    Drake looks so good in that pic and I don’t normally find him attractive.


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