Eminem and Slaughterhouse Freestyle on ‘Rap City’


In honor of Eminem’s eighth album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, BET brought back its groundbreaking series “Rap City” for one night only. On the special edition, entitled “Rap City Presents: Em 360,” Big Tigger sat down with the hip-hop icon, who reflected on his nearly 20-year career—from Infinite to MMLP2.

One of the most anticipated collaborations on his new album is “Love Game” featuring Kendrick Lamar. “I love what Kendrick is doing,” said Em of the Compton MC. “He’s continuing the tradition of just making rap exciting. What he did with the ‘Control’ verse is incredible, but we actually did ['Love Game'] before he did that verse.”

He also addressed rumors that he may be retiring after this album. “I want to rap until it’s not fun anymore,” he said. “When I do set the mic down, I feel like I wanna have something to do with the music, producing, whatever it is. I still wanna be involved.”

Slaughterhouse also joined him to discuss their next album. “I think the guys just dug a lot deeper, it’s a very introspective album, very melancholy,” said Joe Budden of the follow-up to 2012′s Welcome to: Our House. “The lyricism is there, of course, the passion is there, all the things that this group was built on are still present.”

Royce Da 5’9″ added, “This is definitely our best work to date, without a doubt.”

In the tradition of the show, they closed things out with a freestyle in “The Backroom.” With Just Blaze on the turntables, Joe, Royce, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I all took turns rapping before Em took the mic. He killed the instrumental and spit his bars acapella.

Watch Em and his crew murder the mic.

“The Backroom” Freestyle

Eminem on Kendrick Lamar

The Evolution of Eminem

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  1. Donn

    This deserves a Top 5 post but won’t get it cus unless its about beef, jail, fighting, gossip, Nicki, Beyonce or Rihanna it won’t see more than 10 comments. Smh

    Bars on bars on bars, 9 minutes of skill. No sales projections, networth or money convos, just pure skill


    Oh Reply:

    @Donn, !!!! THANK YOU, Her punk ass fans would rather debate why shes the “Best Lyricist” than look at some REAL lyricist to see how its really done


    Jonathan Reply:

    @Oh, You live for Nicki Minaj b/c he clearly listed more than one thing and person, but who do you attack? My point. You’re a loyal hater.


    Andy Reply:

    @Donn, you don’t really know what skill is. Many rappers do the same and better than Eminem. But as always when they talk about important issues you think they are better but the skill of a rapper is not defined for what they rap. It is for HOW they rap.

    I can’t see the freestyle so I don’t really know how Eminem did it. Guess good.


  2. chris

    he got big ass ears


    Oh Reply:

    @chris, So what hoe


  3. Sushi

    my heart just BURST with that last line from Em!


  4. Strommast Jefferson

    DOPE EM!!!11


  5. Mandi

    Killed it, he’s the best! Missed him lol


  6. Moni



  7. NASIR



  8. Oh

    they need to bring Rap City back out !!! We dont have any live platforms to showcase celebrities like TRL or 106


  9. R

    who else can spit acapella? nobody. greatest of all time


  10. Adam

    Ortiz and Crooked I were both dope. Em sucks. He’s just vulgar, and that vulgar shit is overrated..


  11. divinebrown

    didn’t even know rap city was back on tv…


  12. ssmith0386

    Eminem’s verse was garbage, he must have been on drugs for that like he says on his albums. The members of Slaughterhouse were rhymin sick but Eminem apparently didn’t have to try because of who he was.


    Rapsee Reply:

    @ssmith0386, LOL. Em’s verse was dope as hell.


  13. Rapsee

    Haters are always gonna hate no matter what Em does.

    All of them were dope. My favourite verses were Em and Joel.


  14. no

    iS Rap Gawd.


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