New Music: Tamar Braxton – ‘She Can Have You’

Winter Loversland

It’s shaping up to be a soulful Christmas. In addition to music from Mary J. Blige and Leona Lewis, Tamar Braxton will release her first-ever holiday album Winter Loversland on Nov. 11. The “Braxton Family Values” star puts her own twist on Christmas with the original song “She Can Have You.”

But don’t expect a cup of cheer. Instead, a heartbroken Tamar sings about being alone on Christmas because her man left her for another woman.

“And to tell the truth, she can have you/ ‘Cause I put up with enough,” sings Tamar.

Winter Loversland also includes remakes of holiday classics including “Santa Baby,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and “The Chipmunk Song” featuring her sister Trina.

Get your life this Christmas with Tamar’s soulful song.

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  1. Bobby

    Its supposed to be out next Tuesday and shes done 0 promotion for it. Man albums aint what they used to be. I really respect ERA’s .. not rushed projects with lack of promotion.


    Ra 'Nae Reply:

    @Bobby, boy bye !!!!! you mad for what cause you aint making the money she making


    fwe Reply:

    @Ra ‘Nae, top 5 worst response of 2013 easy


    Truth Tea Reply:

    @Bobby, It’s a holiday album, not a project of ingenuity. What more do you need. Furthermore, the fuck she look like promoting a Christmas album in the beginning of November? Boy BYE!


    October Song Reply:

    @Truth Tea, Um, anyone who has an album (Christmas record or not) coming out IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER would be promoting it … wait for it … IN THE BEGINNING NOVEMBER. Mary J Blige’s Christmas album came out in October and she was promoting that bitch in October. Seriously, are you that slow? Tamar should’ve been promoting this album before Halloween. Real talk. But after hearing this song, I can see why she hasn’t.


    mailee Reply:

    @October Song, do you have any talent obviously not hater! Shes been promoting on shows and in between touring have several seats


    Ryliee Reply:

    @Bobby, She Sure Did Promote the hell outta love and war though, AND She’s On Tour With John Legend, Shes Booked. But You Did Find This Song Though, So There Must have Been Some Sort Of Promotion. #GYL


    #team tamar Reply:

    @Bobby, If she promoted every song she created no one would buy it. Its a great song, it doesn’t need to be created. So stop hating on Tamar tyvm!


  2. Baby

    I really love this song and the way she sings it I might have to buy the album to see how she sounds on some of the classics on there :)


  3. Sushi

    whoops. i thought that was Ashanti



    @Sushi, Ashanti can’t do dat. Not even close


  4. Tim.

    This is really good, but I still waiting for Tony & Babyface.


    hmm Reply:

    You might want to learn how to spell her name first.


    Tim. Reply:

    @hmm, Toni, Tony it don’t matter!


  5. I Live

    Yaaaaaass Tay you better sang girl!! Im getting this Christmas ALbum no doubt!! She Did That!! . . . . .BUUUUUUUT i just want her to work on her Live Performances!


  6. caramel

    Wow! I love her vocals on this one! Really shows her skillz!


  7. caramel

    Thats what im talkin bout! My girl has got mad skillz. Ya baby!


  8. Grant

    Love this track …. nice job, Tamar!


  9. Nathan

    Like a modern-day version of The Emotions’ “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas”


  10. Kev

    Chile SLAYmar just SLAYED my life and brought me BACK to life with the NEW life she gave me from these vocals and them killer runs. Whaaaaat. #SANG bytch !


  11. Ty

    I agree with the not promoting situation BUT


  12. Ty

    The girl can sing her ass off..


  13. sidneythesinger

    Love this song tamar,yea .going to get it soon baby. Lol, Sidney.


  14. Girl Bye

    Sing it Tamar! I hope she makes a video…


  15. tiwander

    I love it, but on christmas alot of people going to be in tears lol, it brought back so many memories


  16. tiwander

    I loved it,brang back so many memories. On Christmas you have started something lok


  17. Brown Sugar

    I love me some Tamar!! She did that!!


  18. ATX Tarmartian

    Tamar keep doing u, Boo! I LUV the Christmas single! I’m definitely buying ur Christmas album! As 4 those haters, God got ur back! He keeps blessing u!


  19. Darien-Gauthier

    DEFINITELY picking this up along with ARTPOP on Monday… BUT! I’m still waiting on that Toni Braxton and Babyface record???? Wasn’t that supposed to come out at the end of the month or early December?


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