Angel Haze Pens Personal Poem ‘You Broke My Heart’

Angel Haze

After her freestyles and acoustic covers, Angel Haze opens up through poetry in the latest release in her “30 Gold” series. As Corinne Bailey Rae plays in the background, the Detroit-born rapper vents about a former female lover, who broke her heart and left her out in the cold.

“You burned me alive and you never loved me all along, did you?/ I was never the one, I was only convenient, but why?” she asks. “All I wanted was to be every day of the rest of your life.”

Listen to Angel pour her heart out through spoken word.

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  1. @TyreeqDeMarious

    This. She. Angel Haze is …. I refuse to use words to describe the perfection that is this poem. Listen to her words. How she’s put her feelings into words. i cant. I’m speechless. That is all.


  2. Dynasty roc

    Boo girl go sit down


  3. misdas

    @Dynasty roc she is, now she needs to sleep that ugly face!!



    Good poem.


  5. Shae

    WOW… Her facial expressions and emotions were on point with each word. The poem was amazing. @misdas, @Dynasty roc…. no need to hate or be negative. Give credit when it’s due or just keep it moving. Very simple.


  6. Alaska

    Does nobody understand that this poem is years old? It was uploaded to her YouTube channel before she was signed. K bye


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