Justin Bieber Charged with Vandalism for Graffiti in Brazil

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is in trouble once again. The pop superstar has been charged for vandalism after a graffiti session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

E! News reports that the 19-year-old singer was charged after a three-day investigation. Local authorities interviewed everyone involved including the paparazzi, police officers, and Justin’s security guards.

He will not be arrested, but will have to pay a fine. It will take at least 30 days for the judge to review all of the evidence and determine the cost of the fine.

Earlier in the week, Rio police received a complaint about Bieber and a group of friends after they were spotted painting graffiti on a wall of the former Hotel Nacional in the Joá area.

Bieber’s camp claimed that he was given permission by Rio’s city hall to spray paint a different wall. However, he felt the area was too dangerous and opted for the other location, which turned out to be illegal.

“Every place I have tagged has been approved,” said Bieber prior to being charged. “I do not suggest tagging private property.. I still suck but i have fun doing it.”

He has been spray painting in various countries throughout South America while on his “Believe” tour. He showed support for his friend Chris Brown by painting “Free Breezy” along with images of his pet hamster and monkey.

“This is my escape,” said Bieber of the graffiti.

His South American tour travels to Argentina next, where he will play shows in Cordoba and Buenos Aires.

Justin Bieber

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  1. from france

    does he has an education??


    Natasha Reply:

    @from france, lol do you??
    It’s have* not has LMAO


    troof Reply:

    @from france, have*


    gre Reply:

    @troof, *face palm


    innocencelost Reply:

    @troof, mess. the irony


    The Truth Reply:

    @from france, lmaooooo please stay in school mkayyy


    irony Reply:

    @The Truth, Why, because maybe you know how to talk French? Bitch please, stay quiet


    fuckirony Reply:

    @irony, wtf does that have to do with what he said? Shut your stupid ass up


    divashalo Reply:

    @fuckirony, why don’t you? his point is still valid.


  2. RealAsItGets

    He has so much money and does not know what to do with it. SMH why can’t he be like a regular person an explore Brazil like wtf


  3. Tevin

    How the fuck do you go in someone else’s country and start doing whatever the hell you want? Ignorant ass, Canadian piece of shit.





  5. rocky

    He’s painting a baller monkey, from a psychologists point of view i’d say that’s a self portrait. Poor guys gotta take the setbacks with as much dignity as he can muster. Don’t resist homie the people will suck you dry!


  6. #YouWillDEAL

    And this is an example of trying to hard


  7. The Shady Truth

    He’s following in Chris Brown’s footsteps!


  8. Sushi

    his drawings look like 2nd grade drawing -__- BOOOOOO! you’re not a music artist nor a graffiti artist!


  9. Andy

    Last week he came to my country for a concert. Later, he went to rural poor sector in here where he repaired a school and build up some houses himself along a charity organization. After that, he give away his shoes to a child in need and played football with them. Yeah, that’s Justin.


  10. YoMansKeeper

    He wants to be Chris Brown soo bad…


  11. Jessie J

    He wants to be Chris
    Miley wants to be RiRi
    Lmao these white teens wanna be a nigga so badly


  12. bleh

    little shit


  13. braziliann

    he comes here, vandalizes our city, sleeps with prostitutes, Copacabana Palace kicks his ass out of the hotel for bad behavior and yet, he still calls all Brazilian girls “THE WORST FANS IN THE WORLD”. Shut the fuck up you piece of terrible singing/acting shit.


    Sunny Reply:

    @braziliann, what an asshole…. and a dirtbag sleeping w/ prostitutes, sad how parents would let their girls near that scum in concerts/autograph signings.. who knows where his hands couldve beeen….couldve been up selena gomez’s butthole too…


  14. 2bad2bme

    they should have locked this monkey up and threw away the key


  15. raines

    I kinda like it how he doesn’t give a fuck


  16. Sunny

    First off, as much as I hate his little punk ass as a person, The vandalism is REAL MATURE… destroying landmarks with really crappy artwork, really Bieber a fuckin monkey with nose rings???… couldnt he at least do a mural of some sort of Brazilian art.. why’s he going around the world destroying countries with this garbage???? Ive seen nice graffiti before, but nothing like this.. this is disgraceful to graffiti, and even disgraceful to art… just like his music career & existance is disgraceful as well… shit, hes the type of boy I would never want my future daughter to be around or my future son to be friends with… It really annoys me how celebs get special treatments b/c of their fat wallets…. who cares if he dont sing and becomes a sell out, the music industry was better off w/o this little girl….. theres always better artists and legengs still out there, he’s a joke…..


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