Lady Gaga Performs ‘Do What U Want’ on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Lady Gaga

Before she heads to space in 2015, Lady Gaga brought ARTPOP overseas to BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday. The eccentric singer delivered a passionate performance of “Venus” and “Do What U Want.”

Towering above in platform heels and a Louis Vuitton headpiece, she commanded the stage with her voice and emotion while rocking out with her guitarist on the R. Kelly-assisted single.

A barefoot Gaga changed into a blonde wig and seashell bikini for a theatrical performance of “Venus.”

She will celebrate the release of ARTPOP with her artRave concert and exhibition in New York City tomorrow. VEVO will live stream the event starting at 11:30 p.m. EST.

Check out both performances below.

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  1. Henry

    This woman always delivers, amazing.


  2. Whoa Now...

    Dope! I haven’t seen a performance from GaGa that I haven’t liked yet.


  3. Brian

    Well, Gaga used to be a good performer, with acting, dancing, singing and all… but sorry there’s too much screamings for me here !


  4. Kenyon Green

    Can’t hate on Gaga she doing shit nobody else doing!


  5. That Shady Truth

    As creative as it was, however, it was still boring esp Venus!


  6. DRB

    As usual, its time to reel it in and let the music speak for itself. She’s very talented but I don’t need everything to be a spectacle.


    JD Reply:

    @DRB, Well said. She needs to stop overcompensating & sing the damn song.


  7. nwhat

    look at that face! how can anyone hate on that? …oh wait


  8. Nick Wright

    She’s weird


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