New Music: Jhené Aiko f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘Stay Ready (What a Life)’ [Snippet]

Sail Out EP

Jhené Aiko has become hip-hop’s go-to girl, collaborating with Drake (“From Time”), J. Cole (“Sparks Will Fly”), and Big Sean (“Beware”). Now the L.A. songstress links with fellow L.A. native Kendrick Lamar on “Stay Ready (What a Life),” one of the cuts off her 7-track EP Sail Out.

“It reminds you of a Janet Jackson real sexy type of song,” said Aiko, who is currently on tour with Drake.

Sail Out arrives Monday featuring Ab-Soul, Vince Staples, and Childish Gambino, who appears on the single “Bed Peace.”

Listen to a 90-second snippet below and preview the rest of the tracks on iTunes.

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  1. Timberlake

    She has nice lyrics but to be honest she can’t sing. It’s like a copy of Cassie nothing new on her.


    amian Reply:

    @Timberlake, cassie is a lucky girl if she can sing like that.
    big voice doesn’t means good singer.
    Jhene Aiko is a good singer much better than cassie no doubt.


    Ice Reply:

    @Timberlake, Her voice is very sexy, she could sing me to sleep anytime. To each his own though.


    Harvey Reply:

    @Timberlake, are you crazy jhene is an alto and cassie is just str8 up falsetto . jhene may not be a powerhouse but she sure can belt for her mellow tone.


    You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave? Reply:

    @Timberlake, I actually agree with this, she does remind me of Cassie where she is vocally challenged on some songs. Her singing is far from the best, like Cassie, but some songs fit her voice where others don’t, this one isn’t so bad though


  2. TaxDemmTHOTS

    I’m buying this EP.

    FYI, she was here before Cassie



    @TaxDemmTHOTS, true she went from B2k to TDE


    Nisha Reply:

    @OUTRAGEOUTZILLA, she’snot on TDE, She’s on Def Jam and Atrium.


    Brian Reply:

    @TaxDemmTHOTS, Cassie sh-ts on her and she wasn’t before here you idiot.


    Deejay Reply:

    @Brian, Cassie’s lame ass hasn’t had a good song since her debut single and she disappeared after that. Jhene was around way before Cassie’s talentless ass and will be here long after Diddy leaves her.
    To even compare these 2 is ridiculous. Cassie is just a pretty face with zero vocal ability. Jhene can sing her ass off. She’s pretty. She writes all her own music. Produces and she’s original.


  3. Sandra

    There is no one like jhene right now…love we cause her style is on some mellow shit like aaliyah. She reminds me of aaliyah music wise a lot I love it. Fuck cassie.


  4. Deejay

    I just preview the full EP on iTunes. This girl is so amazing. I’ve never seen an artist who Never fails to make a great song track-to-track. Her melodies. Lyrical content. Production. Everything is just dope. Definitely buying it.


  5. Whitney

    I’m here for everything that Jhene does!


  6. King

    What kind of slayage…I’m all the way here for this.


  7. thedon

    This is dope.. can’t wait to hear the full track, K Dot killed it as always


  8. Jerry

    Cassie WISH she could sing like Jhene…What an absurd statement…


  9. Yonkers

    Some of you guys must not be old enough to know who Jhene is. She’s been on the scene since 2002, so yes she’s been out WAY longer that Cassie.


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Yonkers, Lmao people never heard of B2K obviously ! She had her own song on the album called “You A Dog” she still sings the same but her voice has gotten way better over the years .


  10. Bitches In Paris

    I’m ready to hear the full audio this sounds nice !


  11. Nathan

    Nice song lyrics but the girl can’t sing.


  12. INCAS

    I enjoyed watching her at Drakes concert, thats where she won me over. Fan


  13. Janair Everette

    Imma let y’all keep sayin she can’t sing. Obviously ur not a real fan. N she ain’t shit like Cassie. Cassie’s ass is da one who can’t sing. Jhene is a pure talented singer w/ an alter ego who is spreading the peace n love. She’s a great live performer. Great singer.


    Weston Reply:

    @Janair Everette, She can’t sing period. This ain’t a fan page, people are allowed to express their opinions and state the truth. She’s a pretty girl with dope songs but there are so many females that sing circles around here that will never get the exposure she does because they don’t have the “image.”


    SailOut Reply:

    @Weston, stfu, rather she can sing in your opinion or not , everything Jhene sings is written by HER. Every VERSE, every CHORUS & every FEATURE. Respect it. Rihanna sounds like a dying goat to many, point is, artistry is an aquired taste. You obviously for know shat about her or the word image wouldn’t Ben leve your timbs. She has been around since 2003, patiently waiting for the right refit deal where her music instead of her IMAGE would be on re forefront.


  14. Overlydedicated kendrick fan

    Her and Kendrick have been tight for ages way longer than her and drake or Cole, she was on his Overlydedicated mixtape back in 2010


  15. jae

    i cant handle this album..slay me


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