New Music: Justin Bieber – ‘All Bad’

All Bad

Not even food poisoning can get in the way of Justin Bieber’s #MusicMondays series. Following the Ice Cube-sampled “Bad Day,” the ailing heartthrob kicks off the week with “All Bad.” On the seductive R&B number, he tries to convince his girl that despite his bad boy reputation, he’s still a good guy.

“They tryna tell me that I’m just like the others, but I ain’t all bad,” he coos in a breathy tone.

#MusicMondays will culminate with the release of his Believe movie on Christmas Day.

Listen to the Biebs defend his name.

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  1. mmmmk

    Does this not sound like a song that Drake probably dropped from his album because it wasn’t good and Justin picked it up lmao


    blasterUp Reply:

    @mmmmk, Are you actually comparing the careers of Drake & Justin Bieber? LOL.. One is a world wide mega superstar, the other not so well known world wide.. This is a great song.


  2. lolo

    ♥♥♥♥♥ this song!


  3. Drama

    By all bad he means his career atm.


  4. Ay

    “Despite his bad boy reputation” LOL


  5. hiiii1

    this is so good!


  6. Ice

    If he keeps dropping tracks like this, I might buy his next album.



    @Ice, Agreed.


  7. Sushi

    :-/ hmmmm


  8. Andy

    This! her fans get easily impressed by every crap he drops but these songs are very nice.


  9. loveides

    This sounds like something that Chris Brown would make.


  10. pierre

    that’s horrible. Puberty voice. My ears hurt


    Manjeo Reply:

    @pierre, I know. Shit it’s very annoying.


  11. d

    are you serious with these pop up video ads rap-up? this site is going to shit.


    FlySly Reply:

    @d,agreed! sO FUCKING ANNOYING. all for a Dollar.


    Grant Reply:

    @d, This is R&B, you idiot.


  12. ha

    did he just say “like putting fire on propane”? Don’t you usually put propane on the fire? Lmao


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