New Music: Cassie – ‘Indo’


Solange brings together her favorite R&B artists for her first compilation Saint Heron, available today. The 12-track album, the first release on her independent label Saint Records, features appearances from Jhené Aiko, Sampha, Kelela, and Cassie, who contributes “Indo.”

The Bad Girl coos in a sultry tone on the airy production, which was written and produced by Solange.

Earlier this year, Cassie dropped her first mixtape #RockaByeBaby. Her sophomore album is still awaiting a release date.

Take a hit of her intoxicating jam.

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  1. Vukimili

    i fucking love Cassie. Chill music


    Beverly Burns Reply:

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  2. Keri

    Wow I actually really love this! Her voice is so calming!! Slay Cassie.


  3. tell'em

    Solange had to have wrote this record or something. Is that her in the background? It sounds too much like her.


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @tell’em, reading is fundamental.


  4. Deejay

    There’s a reason that cassie hasn’t released an album in 7 years. There’s a big reason.


  5. wonderland19

    This has solange written all over it thats why its sick. Great Solange. No credit goes to cassie.


  6. DRB

    Listening to Saint Heron now. Solange is doing it. Great work all around.


  7. JMcG

    Great song, and the vocals are very reminiscent of Aaliyah too!


  8. mal

    Solange soo creative


  9. CassieLover

    Solange wrote & produced this

    two of my favourite artists on one song

    and A LOT of my favourite artists on one album. Solange is a genius!


  10. Mad

    Love it!Love Cassie!:)


  11. Curt

    Wow, this song is so good!! Getting it!


  12. Usher

    Love her





  14. KenBarbUK

    Can she release some videos of RockabyeBaby like
    Rockabye Baby,Sound Of Love,Turn Up,All My Love and I Love it


  15. Ice

    Cassie’s been dope, I don’t get why people hate on her voice. I’m definitely checking out this project.


  16. INCAS

    good vibes, if its all this chill i’ll buy it


  17. Lamar

    Nice! Loving the song!


  18. Bijan



  19. kate

    whoa love it


  20. BT

    Sounds like its mainly Solange, like it don’t love it


  21. JD

    I think this is the best Cassie has ever sounded. Can’t wait to cop Saint Heron.


  22. Abez

    I wish cassie was hungry for it, she has talent. But it’s like she’s not that interested. She could have released 2 or 3 decent albums by now.


    Oh Reply:

    @Abez, her mixtape was dope


  23. kurt

    This sound amazing better than that jhene one lol


  24. TrinaFan

    Love Cassie! She has such a pretty voice. She’s definitely found her voice. Hope she has a lot of success! That mixtape was dope and is song is so hot!


  25. Musicjunkiee

    I like it . Cassie’s voice is unique . Shit cant no beyonce notes ‘ but high voices cant go that low either . I wish she was given a chance . I think he beauty actually worked againist her . Still listen to her debut & other shit she released


  26. THE_TRUTH!

    Urgh why can’t Cassie sing?! This is a very good song ruined by her lack of talent. Solange should re-release with her own vocals.


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