Rihanna Goes Goth in ‘What Now’ Video


Rihanna is ready for another round. After taking it to the strip club in the scandalous video for “Pour It Up,” the sexy singer goes goth in the video for “What Now.” The clip, which was shot in Thailand in September, is set to premiere on Friday, Nov. 15.

“#WHATNOW #VIDEO #comingthisFRIDAY,” tweeted RiRi.

She rocks a mullet and goth-inspired attire in the black-and-white stills, which she revealed on Instagram.

The ballad, produced by Parker Ighile, marks the fifth single off her No. 1 album Unapologetic following “Diamonds,” “Stay,” “Pour It Up,” and “Right Now.”


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  1. KenBarbUK



  2. Whatcha_Sayin

    Right Now was paid dust LMAO


    jay scorpio Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, should have never been a single to begin with…. she has already conquered that beat in the LOUD era…

    im happy she let a die a natural death… still went #1 on the dance charts tho lol


  3. Rebelle



  4. Antonio

    Girl bye. The only reason she started pushing this album again is because she couldn’t build enough hype for her 8th because Miley, Katy, Gaga and Em took her shine. She is not a real artist, this proves she’s a industry puppet. If she was really a queen like she claims she would’ve never released that tired ass PIU video 9 months later to help push this flop ass album, she would’ve let it slay without a video or live performance


    Lisa Reply:

    @Antonio, And you think Miley and Katy are artists?? LOL



    @Antonio, GIRL HUSH


    Andy Reply:

    @Antonio, its an interesting way you see things up and kinda agree but her album is no where near a flop. Recently went platinum but I see where are you coming from. She doesn’t want to compete, that’s how she manage to sell good ‘cuz no other big mainstream artist is releasing material. And she’s real, I can ensure you that.


  5. Brina

    Yassss I can’t wait


  6. bernard and india walker

    Goth What Now . Rihanna shows punk can take euro style upgrades . Swag and beats. Her emotional extended voice can pin point dreams in our heads. Ideas of how to stay focused . Fine work on details of music. Bass to the cadence of her voice . Pressing her into a corner. She comes out .Showing more than enough has been done . Maybe that rumor about her being artistof the year . Is all true. Wink !!


  7. Andy

    I like this song but I would preferred Nobody Business or LWT-MM :’(


  8. jae

    Isn’t Parker Ighile Nicki Minaj’s signed artist?


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