Lady Gaga Stars in 6 ‘SNL’ Promos

Kenan Thompson and Lady Gaga

“Saturday Night Live” is going Gaga. Lady Gaga will not only be the musical guest, but also a first-time host on this weekend’s episode. With ARTPOP in stores now, the “Applause” singer stars alongside Keenan Thompson in a series of six promos. She gets mistaken for a lamp, claps for Tinker Bell, and even flips things upside down, leaving them both nauseous.

See Gaga act out in the teasers below.

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  1. Sushi

    She should be in movies and tv shows. She did go take theater in high school. So it makes me wonder how well she can act. Just like Nicki Minaj. Both musicians, but had a background in acting. I want to see that side. But that’s just me.


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