Mariah Carey Surprises Super Fans on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Mariah Carey

Fresh off the debut of her new single “The Art of Letting Go,” Mariah Carey stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday. The Grammy-winning songbird was on her best diva behavior during the hilarious chat.

Wearing gloves and holding a fan in one hand (“Just in case I felt a bad angle coming along”), she spoke about premiering her new single to her 14 million fans on Facebook. Dem Babies’ mother also gushed about her eight puppies with names like Squeaky Beans and the Good Reverend Pow Jackson, and injuring her shoulder on set of her music video.

“We’re in a Phantom, we’re running lights and stuff. And he’s gangsta, my driver,” said Mariah while recalling her drive to the hospital.

Jimmy also invited a bunch of Mariah’s super fans (“Lambs”) to hear her new song, and then surprised them with a live performance from the singer herself.

“Am I dying? Are we dead?” asked one fan when Mariah entered the room.

Check out their priceless reactions.

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  1. Sweet Brown Sugar

    I wanna hear this live performance!!! Just to be sure she’s not acting like a diva for nothing…


  2. Ant

    The interview with her talking about her puppies is hilarious haha. She’s so crazy, but in the funnest way possible lol. The fans reactions to her surprising them was priceless too!


  3. Jeremydante

    Gotta love MC, very excited for the new album.


  4. Melanie

    Mariah loves her lambs, this cracks me up


  5. Timi.

    I love me some MIMI, but what does she have on?
    The dress looks too small, the fan is okay but those fishnet gloves are a big fail. I’m still gone get the album though.


  6. kal

    Mariah is giving me sooo many moments in these clips dahhling!! I just can’t


  7. Àpplause

    This was priceless I can’t stop laughing can’t wait for the album slayed.


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