Rihanna Gets Dark and Demented in ‘What Now’ Video


Rihanna explores the dark side of love in the video for “What Now,” the fifth single off her album Unapologetic. The 25-year-old singer models a monochromatic look, which she describes as “red carpet goth,” while shooting the clip at a warehouse in Phuket, Thailand, during her “Diamonds World Tour” over the summer.

“It’s gonna be kinda eery, very creepy because ‘What Now’ is one of those songs that you can get really boring with the visual,” said RiRi. “Everybody’s probably expecting like a narrative type of video, a love story of some sorts, something really soft and pretty. It is pretty and kinda soft, but it’s really a little demented.”

The behind-the-scenes clip features commentary from RiRi, her stylist Mel Ottenberg, and designer Adam Selman.

Get a sneak peek of the 22-hour shoot below. The full video will premiere Friday on VEVO.

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  1. meme

    this is why shes unstoppable. amazing


  2. davidjohn83

    WHy is she not dark and slutty, i mean demented?


  3. @AmazinJaLen

    THE BEST. She did her thang in Dallas the other night when she performed this too. I believe her best to date is on Alan Carr. She hits every note. So ready for this video. Ri never disappoints!


  4. Usher

    Slay RiRi!


  5. Unapologetic

    Go ahead RiRi, show them how it’s done!


  6. hotblacktea

    No, Rihanna we were not expecting a narrative — seeing as how every single one of your videos it just you posing w/ different backdrops. I mean you’re fierce as hell and killin the charts, but we weren’t expecting a narrative, no.


    Morewhitethancream Reply:

    @hotblacktea, tbh I was! Don’t that make you look black :P haha


  7. Ready 4 da Yolas

    Nice video sneak


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