Video: Shanell – ‘Show Me’


Shanell unleashes her fierceness in the sexy video for “Show Me,” a cut off her Midnight Mimosas mixtape. In the black-and-white clip, the Young Money temptress flaunts her body while lying on top of a cage and kicks back in a chair while sipping a mimosa.

“Show me what it means to ya,” coos Shanell.

She holds it down for her man, and in return expects him to show his love with roses and designer gifts.

Watch Shanell show the cameras just what she’s got.

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  1. Brian

    No one will take her serious with that nose ring or whatever it is…


    Yep Reply:

    Absolutely agree. When will she give it up…


  2. Shutterbug

    She needs to leave that YMCMBullshit label and go somewhere that’s actually gonna PROMOTE her.


  3. @AmazinJaLen

    I actually really like this. A lil low budget but I think she made me a fan w/ this. Why isn’t YMCMB putting money into her? And why hasn’t she collabed w/ her sis D. Woods?


    Avery Wiliiamz Reply:

    @@AmazinJaLen, im with you on that


  4. nwhat

    hahaha, I was just gonna say that


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