Eminem Sits Down with Zane Lowe [Sneak Peek]


Following his epic interviews with Jay Z and Kanye West, Zane Lowe sits down with yet another hip-hop icon. During his European promo tour, Eminem visited the BBC Radio 1 studios for a four-part interview.

In the teaser, Em proposes his own unconventional way to make headlines.

“I was trying to figure out how I was going to top the publicity of yours and Kanye’s interview, so I decided I was gonna walk in here and just pee on the floor and leave,” said the Detroit rapper, adding, “I’m peeing right now.”

Part 1 will be released on Monday at 9 p.m. Get a sneak peek below.

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  1. jjewelz

    LOL Em is funny, can’t wait for this interview, I’m sure it will be another epic one! Love Zane’s work New Zealand represent!


  2. YoMansKeeper

    Kanye did it first.


  3. Hugh

    Cant wait

    Em is a legend and a great guy


  4. savat

    lol 2 hours left!!!


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