Lupe Fiasco Sounds Off on ‘Yeezus,’ New Album, & ‘Control’ Response

Lupe Fiasco

Whether it’s his “Control” response or his controversial tweets, Lupe Fiasco knows how to get people talking. During the L.A. stop on his “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour,” the Chicago MC stopped by Power 106 to chat with Rikki Martinez.

He discussed Kanye West’s Yeezus (Lupe worked on “Black Skinhead”), his upcoming album Tetsuo and Youth, the message behind his Chris Brown-assisted song “Crack,” his “Control” response “SLR 2,” and “falling off.”

Read highlights and watch the full interview below.

On Yeezus: “I still don’t know what ‘Black Skinhead’ is about. It’s a lot of emotional, a lot of this, a lot of cliché, a lot of kinda stuff balled in together, and it’s just supposed to be presented as a package and you digest it.”

On his album:Tetsuo and Youth is definitely more straightforward. I’ve always been conceptually progressive, but at the same time too, making it simple enough for you to understand exactly what I’m talking about from the first time that you hear it.”

On his Chris Brown collaboration “Crack”: “It’s about smoking crack, and that’s what the song is about. … People smoke crack, it’s a problem. It’s not a problem. Some people love it, some people hate it. I’m just gonna present it to you in a format where, ‘Hey, this song is about smoking crack,’ and how you deal with that is how you deal with it. Does it make you wanna go fight an anti-drug campaign, does it make you wanna go smoke some crack, does it build you up as a crack dealer, does it tear you down as a crack dealer? I don’t know.”

On dressing up as a KKK member in the “#1234″ video: “I think it’s the same thing as Kanye wearing a confederate flag. I’m not saying I endorse that in any capacity, but it’s the same idea of embodying what destroyed us. … I’m gonna wear something that to me destroyed my people and hurt my people, but now it’s meaningless.”

On his “Control” response “SLR 2″: “It wasn’t more directed at the response for ‘Control.’ It was directed at the wave that ‘Control’ made, where it tried to make everybody else obsolete. … There was no ill will in it, but let’s establish dominance. If you finna be nice and you finna say that you finna be nicest, then you have to be the nicest and you have to be the nicest in everything that you do from now on.”

On “falling off”: “I don’t really know what falling off is. Did I fall off at radio? Did I fall of as an MC? You mean I’m not just as popular as I was six months ago or because you let this new dude come in who you think is nice because you’re 17 and he’s relating to your high school experience the same way Nas did for me.”

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  1. Jay

    He tries so hard to be this big political outspoken kind of rapper when in reality he wants to be Kanye so bad, lol Lupe u been fell off, honestly u were never on in my book…. but Yeah


    Days of the White Reply:

    @Jay, Nah, Lu really ain’t that political no more. Lu admit he fell off, but him being Kayne. Nah, he don’t want all that attention. Just enough for living.


  2. thedonn

    lupe > kanye in my book..


  3. TRA

    I wish people would stop comparing Lupe Fiasco to Kanye West. The only things that Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West have in common is that they both are great rappers, controversial music artists, political outspoken celebrities, and they both make music that don’t always cater to the biased mainstream media. Other than that, they are two completely different people living on different levels in the world. Lupe Fiasco has been nominated for Grammy Awards several times, I don’t believe Lupe Fiasco fell off as far as being a great lyrical rapper. The only thing Lupe Fiasco fell off in is his popularity with biased mainstream music fans and the biased mainstream media. I respect the fact that Lupe Fiasco is willing to tell his feelings about the world, and doesn’t always try to kiss nobody’s ass to get recognition. Music is always suppose to be about diversity and versatility.


  4. Jesus

    the dude feel so fake, he’ll be taking terapy to convince himself his ok with all they ask to him.


  5. Ready 4 da YOlas

    It would have been better for him to say NO comment next Question. Nice interview


  6. Lupe the Troll

    This nigga wrote on black skinhead dissing the lyrics, LOL


  7. Smoked

    @LupeTheTroll so what is Black Skinhead about? I like Yeezus, the beats are amazing especially the first 3 tracks but the lyrics mean nothing, like pretty much all of Kanye’s albums except College Dropout..and if you could read then you’d see Lupe isn’t dissing the lyrics, it’s how most people view Kanye’s work, it’s stylish, amazing beats but lyrically he has nothing to say about anything. Kanye isn’t Chuck D, he’s a popstar like Michael Jackson.


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