New Music: Justin Bieber f/ R. Kelly – ‘PYD’


#MusicMondays just got a whole lot sexier. Justin Bieber unleashes his freak on his latest single “PYD” (Put You Down). The teen idol teams with the king of baby-making jams, R. Kelly, on the sultry slow jam. From a plane to a train to an automobile, there’s no place Bieber won’t get busy.

“This will show you how much I love you/ A form of appreciation/ I’ma put you down,” he coos before Kellz turns it up a notch.

“On the roof, balcony, we don’t care who sees/ Girl, I’ma put you down,” he sings in a falsetto.

Dim the lights and cue up the grown and sexy cut.

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  1. Miguel

    …when did he turn into Chris Brown? LOL


    Dance off Reply:

    wonder if

    he does a

    dance with

    r Kelly

    like lady GaGa


    i can see it already


    JD Reply:

    @Dance off, God forbid, that was one of the most awkward attempts at sexy I’ve seen in a while, topped only by the prospect of this.


  2. idontdoratchets

    R-Kelly made this song!!!!!!!


    JD Reply:

    @idontdoratchets, Agreed. I was just thinking the same thing.


  3. Sara

    This is crap. Especially what I expected from the two of them. They are both scrapping the bottom of the barrel musically.


    lol Reply:

    @Sara, you sleep.. this is a good song this is what is called r&b not pop ……


  4. D. kells

    Smooth R&B song its like two generations coming together a legend Kells and a young pop star Bieber on a track together. The song is smooth but maybe a little to slow for Justin but Kells delivers I’m a fan of both. Keep making music and much respect to the King Of R&B Kells and Bieb the young pop star. Its not easy in the music business to still be making music 25 years plus but Kells keeps coming no matter what his legacy in music, production and list of hits he has wrote and sang for himself speaks for itself. Respect his musical genius.


  5. ELLIE



  6. the unkown

    i gotta say they killed it on this one this is the best song from music mondays so far.


  7. Justin Timberlake

    Like I said R Kelly fell off. Garbage song



    Sounds like a broke-down drake record


  9. Quinn

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that R. Kelly has a song called “Marry the Pussy” or the fact that R. Kelly is collaborating with Justin Bieber.


  10. Jamie

    You can tell R. Kelly wrote this.


  11. Deejay

    I need people to stop pretending like Bieber hasn’t been making dope music lately. His latest songs are way better than any of this chris brown bull shit we’ve been hearing lately. And it’s better than the new corny ass Justin Timberlale songs.


    Kiki Reply:

    @Deejay, My toughts exactly! People act like he is the worst singer alive. We get he did some bad songs back then but he’s working hard and you can see it. Give credits when it’s due.


  12. nwhat

    stop acknowledging justin bieber. he’s forever gaay kid. hanging out with black kids doesn’t make u shiiit


  13. Julian

    Great Vibe!


  14. Lexx_Janay

    if i hear PYD PYD more time!

    i like the vibe i dont like the song though


  15. Ready 4 da YOlas

    Nice song and some people won’t like this song, some people will like this song so it their OP. Justin Bieber is aboutta be 20 yr old next year so there isn’t no different. @ the end


  16. Ready 4 da YOlas

    he is doing his thing


  17. MayZiin

    Chris brown is that you ?


  18. wonderland19

    This boy is turning into Chris Brown.

    Chris Brown >>>>>>>> JB


  19. Whatcha_Sayin

    What is this garbage?


  20. cj

    i love the song actually – wasnt exectng this lol


  21. the songbird

    Haters know they love to hate so keep on hating good grown folk music so you little babies out there keep listening to nursery rhymes


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