Video: Chanel West Coast – ‘Karl’

Chanel West Coast

Young Money rapstress Chanel West Coast pays homage to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the video for “Karl.” The blonde bombshell stays dripped in designer threads and expensive jewelry as she sits in a white throne flanked by her girlfriends. She also dresses up as her muse in his signature suit and white hair, and throws a rooftop pool party.

The song appears on Chanel’s debut mixtape Now You Know, which features Robin Thicke, French Montana, Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign, and Honey Cocaine.

On Dec. 2, she will kick off her “Punch Drunk Love” headlining tour in Boston.

Watch Chanel strut her stuff in the fashionable clip.

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  1. manjeo



  2. Raven Symone

    Lol cute. She looks like Jessica Simpson


  3. Jame121

    Garbage, pathetic!


    Belly Reply:

    @Jame121, I second that!!!


  4. senberg

    Female rappers are so awful these days.. LMAO wtf is happening


  5. few

    let me guess: im a bad bitch, my pussy is better than yours, i pop molly, and i hang with bad bitches.

    pretty much sums up every female rapper



    Jessica Simpson? Is that you Hun? Anyway the song was ok. Video not really


  7. yung

    i give it 10 years for hip hop to be dominated by white people, this is some bulls***

    [Reply] Reply:

    @yung, So only black people are allowed to make hip hop now?


    Ghetto Heisman Reply:, No, but if the trend of hiring a white, attractive, blonde haired artist continues as a strategy to sell records by making the music more accessible to the mainstream, and mostly Caucasian, audiences, and it works, then what @yung jokingly hints at above could potentially happen: black artists displaced by white artists as it did with rock and roll. Kind of a longshot, but I think what is being said is to point out how this is another shameless attempt-like Paris Hilton-to use homophily to sell records-”people like who look like them”.

    Love people. Record companies and clueless executives and strategists? Not so much.


    yung Reply:, yup, you lot don’t know what your doing. *waits for response with reference to eminem.


    Zelly Reply:

    @yung, thats sum real ignorant shit right there that only black ppl can make hip hop. if they speakin on what they know instead of sum fake shit. like most black rappers talk about in their music, why shouldnt they. We need diversity in hip hop just like every other genre. Im black in case u wanna come at me wit sum race shit


  8. nwhat

    oh no


  9. Fifi

    He must be laughing so hard to this!


  10. Ready 4 da YOlas

    Man She Looks like Jessica simpson in this music video, People don’t even know who she is


  11. @AmazinJaLen

    Am I the only one who liked the video and song? o_O


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