New Music: Pitbull f/ Kelly Rowland – ‘That High’

Global Warming: Meltdown

After collaborating with pop divas Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Ke$ha, Pitbull hits the dance floor with Kelly Rowland on “That High,” one of the songs off his upcoming album Global Warming: Meltdown. Mr. 305 gets on his bilingual flow, while the “X Factor” judge soars over the EDM beat.

Due Nov. 25, Meltdown features five new songs including the Ke$ha-assisted single “Timber” and collaborations with Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne x Jake One), Mohombi, and Inna.

The Miami rapper will host the American Music Awards on Sunday and celebrate his album release on Monday’s “GMA.”

Stream his Kelly collabo and the rest of the album below.

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  2. Pit did it again!

    This album is better than Art pop, prism, TMML2, and many others. Buy it because Pitbull always brings out the best music.

    Loved all the things you do and sun in California, the high is good but it lacks something in the hook. Pit’s parts were good, it just needed a more catchy hook.
    So, Do it ft Tuxedo could be the next single, it sounds great on the radio. Loved it.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @Pit did it again!, how much did pitbull pay you to say that. Nobody checks for him, only his features. When was his last solo single?


    This is a EP/not album Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, Back in time and don’t stop the party were sung by himself and were big hits, and please, Pitbull only works with artists when they are flopping. Tell me when he works with someone who saves his career like Rihanna, Adele , Eminem Katy?
    This is just a re-release/ep
    Not a brand new album.


  3. Grant

    I actually like this. Surprise, surprise.


  4. jay

    love it.


  5. jay

    love it


  6. Ira

    I’m so sick of all this dance club music invading every type of music. there is no feeling in any of his music anymore. I understand that some songs you just need to have fun but i want honesty and beats that don’t all sound the same. UGH!!!!!


  7. v

    Yaaaas @ INNA being on the album. Y’all need to check her out, she’s from Romania, and she’s already big in Europe.


  8. The emperor

    That puero rican is done, im telling you man. He prolly got Hov on there and this is his last good album prolly only go 30-40k first week. RIPPITBULL IM out


    fave1ne Reply:

    @The emperor, He’s Cuban


    Sushi Reply:

    @The emperor, Your opinion. I like it. My group of friends like him. He’s really popular in our country.


    Treys Reply:

    @The emperor, heum…they just announced that he passed the 40 million singles sold… and his single with Kesha just entered the hot 100 top ten…


  9. Blaze

    Pitbull and Kelly always making magic. Still mad they ignored ‘Castle Made Of Sands’. That tune was er’thang and then some!!!!! Hope they do a video for this one.


  10. Beach Blog

    Pit Bull Checks Pit…

    [...] ly got Hov on there and this is his last good album prolly only go 30-40k first [...]…

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