Video: Jessie J – ‘Thunder’

Jessie J

Jessie J strikes again in the electrifying video for “Thunder,” the third single off her sophomore album Alive. Dressed in a black cape and lacy leotard, the blonde Brit dances in the desert as lightning fills the sky.

Starting next year, Jessie will hit the road with Robin Thicke on his North American tour, which kicks off on Feb. 21 in Atlanta.

Watch her light up the night.

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  1. The Truth

    Beautiful Lady, Gorgeous Visuals, Amazing Song, Supernatural Vocals!


  2. connectarian

    Thank you, Rap-Up for highlighting this true talent. Her voice is unique and undeniably talented. My fear is that the U.S. will continue to sleep on her, only throwing a bone or 2 each album. Her duet with Brandy should be a U.S. single. Such unique talent!


  3. amazing

    a beautiful talent strikes again and this page has summed her up quite well im so proud of her she has come so far and is unstoppable well done jess xx


  4. Thi

    She´s amazing!She can sing!I was tired of singers in this industry wich can´t handle a live performance X_X!Finaly Real singer in the area!And also she´s soo true at the same time taht she needs to survive in this bussiness!Thanks J.J.


  5. The Shady Truth

    This was her initiation in the illuminati, oh i’m sorry, i mean Hollywood!


  6. wonderland19

    One of the best songs off the album. Her voice is so robust, i enjoy listening to it. With most artists nowadays, the SONG and BEAT is what sells. For me, Jessie J’s VOICE is a joy to listen to over and over again.



    UK actually produces real talent for you Americans. Miley cant do this. UK slay


  8. KayKay

    She has genuine love for music and it shows. Most singers do it for money these days and hey I’m not knocking that but it’s nice to see the rare breed that’ll still be doing it for the love.


  9. BAWSE



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