Video: Sevyn Streeter – ‘Call Me Crazy’ [Teaser]

Sevyn Streeter

Somebody call a doctor. Sevyn Streeter is losing her mind over love in the video for “Call Me Crazy.” Following the snippet for “nEXt,” the 27-year-old singer-songwriter seeks professional help in the one-minute clip.

An emotional Sevyn sits in the doctor’s office, while a psychologist (played by Sevyn) tests her mental health with a Rorschach test.

The song is now available on iTunes, while her full EP Call Me Crazy, But… arrives Dec. 3.

She plans to release mini music videos for all seven tracks off the EP.

Watch Sevyn battle her love sickness in the clip below.


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  1. Avon

    man, i love Sevyn’s music great song, that beat is extremely crazy!! i would have never expected a sound like that. i only wish the best for her :)


  2. @AmazinJaLen

    I’m in amazement by her talent. I love it.


  3. Yasmine

    It’s a shame RichGirl didn’t work out but I’m really liking Sevyn. Can’t wait for the EP, she & Jhene Aiko are doing it right now!


    Kyle Reply:

    @Yasmine, I was so excited for Richgirl to pop off because all 4 of those girls had amazing voices and blended well together. I was disappointed when they broke up. But I am excited for Sevyn’s EP. Her talent is impossible to ignore!


  4. Ice

    Kudos to whoever produced this and nEXt, the beat is FIRE.


  5. Dopa

    Damn I want to fuck both Sevyns. She is sexy as hell.


  6. ray

    she bout to takeover!


  7. Lay

    Y is she so ducking dope I believe she is bout to take ova the r&b game


    Lay Reply:

    @Lay, lol I ment fucking


  8. Big boi

    Yo she never disappoints her vocals are sick and she just has so much swag #streetteam all day


  9. John

    She is going to go far she is so swagged out and on top of that she can sing her ass off


  10. Key

    I’m so rooting for her I want get to win she us so dope her EP Call Me Crazy But… Come out December 3 you can preorder it now on iTunes so make sure y’all go support r&b and go get it


  11. Brave.

    She NEEDS to win. She’s major in a major way. Am I the only one tired of hearing the same people on the radio & seeing the same people at these award shows?! GO SEVYN!


  12. BAWSE

    great song.


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