Chris Brown Ordered to 90 Days in Rehab

Chris Brown and Mark Geragos

Chris Brown is going back to rehab. The R&B singer has been ordered to serve 90 days in a treatment facility for anger management.

Brown appeared in an L.A. courtroom on Wednesday for a progress report in the Rihanna assault case.

The judge ordered Brown to serve three months in a residential treatment facility and perform at least 24 hours of community labor per week, according to the AP. As part of the terms, he must also submit to drug testing and take any prescriptions recommended by the rehab center.

Brown previously spent two weeks in a Malibu rehab facility for anger management, but was kicked out after he reportedly threw a rock through his mother’s car window.

According to TMZ, Brown’s mom was urging her son to stay in the facility for extended treatment. Chris disagreed and violently responded by throwing a rock through her car window, shattering it.

The 24-year-old may still face a probation violation due to his arrest last month on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington, D.C.

Brown is due back in court on Dec. 16 for another hearing.

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  1. yeetv

    wasting that beautiful talent talent man :(


  2. Preedy

    He realy need to grow up! Im a breezy fan and I cant stand his anger problems anymore smhh


  3. Hov

    it was all good 7 years ago


  4. Nnenna

    Thank goodness! He needs help! Hopefully this will be a huge wake up call for him! The other ones didn’t help!-____-


  5. Val

    He needs to remove himself from society and all his leeches for at least 1 year, clear his head, write some good music, go through rehab and then come back, he is on a downward spiral, and the leeches are just encouraging it, they don’t care, they only care about the money, he even turned against his own mother, for the first time since this mess started she was not in court with him today, so sad, the one person who has ALWAYS had his back, he is turning his back on. SMDH


  6. Kyle

    His behavior is like no other! Why is he so angry?


  7. Grace

    Chris Brown is an amazing talent. He should be way bigger than he is now, but with all the controversy through the years people just aren’t here for him anymore. It’s a shame …. a 24 year old, angry “man.”


  8. KayKay

    He absolutely needs to go back. In fact he needs to be M.I.A for a long while to get right. Hopefully, he will get better and ot be another Hollywood story. He is blessed with genuine talent and it’ll be a shame to waste that. H


  9. Truth

    Im a fan but i have to say i think his career is over. What is wrong with this dude. You had everything now you just want to throw it all away. I guess X is never coming out now


  10. Boom Boom

    lock this negro ass up!!!!!!


    nwhat Reply:

    @Boom Boom, call officer ricky immediately


    KennethKole Reply:

    @nwhat, LMMFAO! Your comment has given me so much life, thank you for making my day!


  11. KarinaLovesBreezy

    I Been Apart of TeamBreezy from the start. I Love Chris With ALL my heart, But seeing him get into so much Trouble… Hurts. I Love You Chris! Please stop what your doing, For us? for you? Please?


  12. Cranberry

    Kiiii. Can’t wait to see Team Fabreeze defend this.


  13. denise

    this man should really questiont he people who enable him like Karrueche and OHB. I mean seriously my nigga if the woman who birthed you and walked with you through all of your crap and court hearings is left outside your circle and you throw stones at her car window and you respect Karrueche who is leeching off you . Then my nigga there is no place in rehab that will help you, you really need a prayer group and jail time


  14. Channy



  15. Ice

    Dude needs to chill out, his mom is probably the only friend he has left at this point.


  16. neickha



  17. bernard and india walker

    Chris thanks.Only pigoens fight in rehab. they sqauwk and get back in line. Pay attn. Bud beer. Bud ice or Bud light is going to be at Dsilvano in nyc. Nov 30 th . With Mac cosmetics. To talk with Rihanna and I . About funding our hybrid ford mustangs. 2014 GT class . United sports car series . Daytona 24 ‘ sebring 12′ Lemans 24 hr. Plus 9 short races. Rihanna is working out time and color of cars . also any thing else both sides might need from us before we sit down. See grown ups doing stuff. See you ain’t one. Thats why she’s my Lady. You got a piss test .I got her . Mizzy 4 U. Please don’t come see our team race K!. She looks good shooting Monster vid. Trust ,


  18. Jordy

    You know why is Chris so angry?
    He has battle in itself, cause he is totaly gay and I dont know why hate myself in today world a be hateful to people around me, this guy has big problem with that, and one thing hel him, be truly honest to yourself. ;)


  19. Miszi

    It’s a shame, X probably will come out in march then. I believe the TMZ story is bullshit like most of their stories though.


  20. Pusha F

    Christopher brought all that shit to him self , can’t wait the day i will hear or read he suicide, the government track his actions in every step and minutes and people are mocking him his incident with rihana every where he goes , the only one option he have deal with or kill yourself, rihanna don’t give fuck what is going on with him , we saw her terwking on T pain song last week, it’s him and himself and him again, grow the fuck up Chris, i’m huge fan with this man, but his slowly destroying himself.


  21. Melanie

    It’s about time, if Chris wants the world to focus on his talent, rather than his outburst, he needs to take a hard look at his life and addictions. He’s like the 2013 answer to Bobby Brown; loads of talent but also loads of demons.


  22. Bob builder

    Like his music! But this is the best thing for him. He needs to get help cos he has been wasting his talent.

    Personally I think he suffers from mental illness. The patterns of his behaviour indicates so. He needs serious help.





  24. TrinaFan

    He def needs help. Very talented but crazy as all hell.


  25. RiRiFan

    A lil birdie told me Chris is bi & has been in a on again & off again relationship with a dude name ” Syn’ceRe ” in la since rihanna days & that’s what’s started the fight & ri even diss Syn’ceRe in her song ” hard ” & Chris song ” Change man is to Syn’ceRe too. Chris has issues and is fighting himself. He needs to disappear for a while and find himself & see if he wants Rihanna, K, Syn’ceRe or Frank Ocean!!!! Also K knows he’s bi & there’s pics of Syn’ceRe & K on his Instagram I guess having a ” woman to man ” man talk!!! I gets all the real info!


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