New Music: R. Kelly – ‘Lights On’

Black Panties

R. Kelly gets “foul and flagrant” on his explicit bedroom banger “Lights On.” Once he gets his girl naked, the sex genius leaves the lights on while he gets down to business in the sheets.

“Baby leave them lights on and I’ma fuck your fuckin’ brains out,” he sings.

If you pre-order Black Panties, you will receive the exclusive bonus track, which does not appear on the album.

The tracklisting includes appearances from Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, Future, Migos, and Juicy J.

Listen to Kellz get his freak on on the baby-making jam.

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  1. natles

    I’m here for this!!!


  2. Keller

    Looks like a child wrapped around him in the picture. I’m surprised he’s not urinating on her


    oh Reply:

    @Keller, a child? Either you’re a f*ggot or just plain dumb. That’s clearly a woman.


    MMG-SUEDE Reply:

    @Keller, I wont even lie she looks 15 looooooooooooooool but the KING is back. Love the music


  3. D. kells

    Kells never lets me down when it comes to that bedroom R&B classic Kells music and sound he is the King Of R&B.


  4. Usher

    Kellz baby. Sounds nice


  5. Tim

    The Oringnal Pantie Dropper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trey Songz, Miguel & Chris need to be paying attention.


  6. KayKay

    Nice but this better be as good as the TGT album….Kelly is the master afterall.


    TJones Reply:

    @KayKay, TGT album is awesome, but this album is about to be on an entirely different level than that of TGT… lol Black Panties is about to blow the roof off of that TGT album… lol


  7. ladyanna

    what is up?


  8. ladyanna

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