Pharrell Gets ‘Happy’ on ‘Ellen’


Pharrell brightened up the day when he stopped by “Ellen” on Thursday. Dressed in a tuxedo, GQ‘s “Man of the Year” performed his feel-good anthem “Happy” with a youth choir. He pulled women from the audience to dance on stage as the rest of the crowd clapped along.

Earlier in the day, he premiered the 24-hour music video co-starring Odd Future, Leah LaBelle, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jamie Foxx.

The song can be found on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Pharrell has also teamed up with Hans Zimmer to score The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.

Watch him spread some sunshine on “Ellen.”

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  1. JD

    So cool. Kudos to the one Oriental guy who went down. i would have been that person too.


  2. souwoman

    one of the best performance i’ve ever seen
    very creative!


  3. Nick Wright

    One of my biggest influences,no fancy dressing and all that shit just good music


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