Rap-Up TV: Danity Kane Readies New Music for Comeback Show

Danity Kane is back! Five years after topping the charts with their album Welcome to the Dollhouse, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Aundrea Fimbres, and Shannon Bex sat down for one of their first interviews since announcing their return at the VMAs in August. Speaking exclusively to Rap-Up TV, the platinum girl group opened up about getting back together, D. Woods’ decision not to return, and their comeback concert.

“I think for us it was time. We were ready,” said Aundrea. “It kinda started as a phone call, a text to each of us and then we went to lunch and it was like no time had passed. It was like, ‘OK. Let’s do it.’”

They have been overwhelmed by the response. “We were all having our phones blow up and felt to ourselves the power of our fans, this amazing group of people that has stuck by our side through all this fuckery,” said Aubrey.

While DK’s fifth member D. Woods decided not to return, there’s no ill will. “We wish her the best,” said Dawn. “We asked who wanted to be here and those who wanted to show up, showed up. It’s nothing more than that. We want people to see this for what it is and know that this is Danity Kane.”

On December 16, the foursome will play their first show together in five years at L.A.’s House of Blues. “I’m super nervous,” admitted Aubrey, while Dawn added, “I think you’re supposed to be jittery and nervous about something like this. This is not just us standing on the stage, this is us coming together and headlining, coming together and giving new music.”

In addition to their hits, they will perform new material for the first time. “We’ll be able to actually perform new stuff and see the response of our fans,” said Dawn. “It’s one of those things where we feel so bad that we’ve had to consistently not give enough, but everything happens in time and now we’re giving the best of us. New music and some old goodies.”

Tickets and VIP packages are now on sale via Ticketmaster.

Look for Part 2 of our interview with Danity Kane next week.

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  1. meme

    they all still look very nice surprisingly. even Aubrey…who i thought was fat and plastic looking…she looks great. I liek them much more with 4 members. D-woods (who i adore) just didnt fit, her style is too different.



    @meme, WELL SAID.


  2. TrinaFan

    Love them and excited for the comeback!


  3. wonderland19

    Loving the new DK!!!!!!! They need to tour Europe too.


  4. C

    They are going to slay…..dawn looks amazing!


  5. KeepingItFunky

    I’m soooo excited for this. They seem so sure of themeselves this time around. This time apart did them so well! I’m still upset we haven’t heard Rage yet (-_-) but ill take things the way they are, for now. I feel the wait will be worth it!


  6. Raven-Symone

    Who are they signed under this time around?


    meme Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, this is what i was wondering. i hope they are with a major label. they deserve it


  7. Trisha

    D.Woods is so stupid. Girl is talking about building empire and all type of nonsense when Dawn and Aubrey did more than her musically for the last 5 years. Why would she pass up on this opportunity is beyond me? They might not reach Beyonce, Katy Perry level of fame but still it’s better than what D.woods been doing for the last couple of years.


    dre' Reply:

    @Trisha, Katy Perry? Who dat be? lol


    Trisha Reply:

    @dre’, lol


    Elvick Reply:

    @Trisha, eh, one could argue that D. Woods for awhile was doing more than Aubrey in terms of music. She released far more EPs on iTunes before Aubrey released her album this year.

    Sure, Aubrey had more exposure on tv, but up to a point it didn’t really help her get out a ton of music.

    Dawn you’re right though. And my physical copy of Goldenheart is evidence of her winning!


  8. Ashley

    Werkkkk Dawn.


  9. @Princejawsh

    Dawn & Aubrey look so close! I can’t wait for they’re comeback we need more girl groups


  10. @Princejawsh

    What if Raven Symone joined the group?!?!?


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @@Princejawsh, #DEATH


    Bijan Reply:

    @@Princejawsh, hahahaha


  11. 2bad2bme

    I love them the way that they are… they don’t need D.Woods her voice was too forced and karaoke. Can’t wait for the new music


  12. Ebony

    Yoooo! I’m so excited #DK for life


  13. Elvick

    Gotta love people hating on D. Woods. I’m personally sad she wasn’t involved. And I think there’s some skewed viewpoint going on with the whole thing.

    As I know, she’s the only one in Atlanta and the rest could easily meet up. While she’d have to drop everything to go for a lunch that could be nothing.

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to new Danity Kane. I’m just going to miss D. Woods. Her belts in Ride For You gives me life. I don’t know how they’re going to do any justice to their old songs that had a lot of D. Woods in them.


    @KingCoward Reply:

    @Elvick, Well…they had a conference call PRIOR to the lunch. They said several times they tried texting/calling her to gauge her interest. I think she genuinely just didn’t want to do it. Point. blank. period.

    I’m happy that they’re cutting the group off to just 4…b/c if they’re very successful this time…I’m sure they’ll being their feelings about her trying to come back.

    They’re working hard to build something as a unit to let someone jump back in later.


    Matt Reply:

    @Elvick, I saw Dawn when she came to Dallas to promote Goldenheart in January or February. She performed at a music store, and talked to us for like an hour afterward.

    We finally asked her about Danity Kane, and if they’d get back together. She kinda danced around the question and didn’t confirm anything, then she was like “well…I’m sure D. Woods wouldn’t want to come back.” Which leads me to believe they may have been talking about it even back then.

    So it’s not like she didn’t have time or prior notice. She’s just stubborn.


  14. Ready 4 Da Yolas

    Their Fans can’t wait to see what they will bring to the table. Nice interview of the DK Woman


  15. Anonymous

    They are not lying! I remember I went to 5 different stores (on my lunch break) trying to find their debut album. But it was well worth it. I’m so excited that they are back with or without D. Woods. I know that one thing we all can agree on is some DK is better than no DK!!! Welcome back ladies!!! I look forward to this new era!


  16. antoinette

    Looking at the pic of them at the AMA’s and seeing the pics Aubrey displays on instagram, it won”t be long until she destroys the group again. She seems to just want to be seen and still wants to stand out in the group. Diddy had it right! She should have been fired. I would rather see D Woods come back instead of her.


  17. Kimmii

    I think D. Woods still mad about what happen all those years ago. Dawn told the truth then so she needs to get over it. I blame Diddy for a lot of what was going on…cause some of that had to do with management. Life is too short to hold grudges D. Woods #Ijs cause if ur so called best friend Aubrey was woman enough to let it go then u should have too! To those memebers that did come back…U are welcomed back with open arms and ur fans still love u ladies….wtbs GET THAT MONEY LADIES! and have fun doing what you all love to do…


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