Single Cover: Ashanti f/ Rick Ross – ‘I Got It’

I Got It

Ashanti gets bossy with Rick Ross on her new single “I Got It.” The R&B songstress has revealed the artwork for the song, which hits iTunes on Tuesday, November 26. A previous version featuring Future leaked over the summer. It is set to appear on her upcoming album BraveHeart, due this winter.

On Friday, Ashanti was a guest on “Bethenny,” where she dished on keeping her relationships private and being single. “It’s a distraction,” the 33-year-old said of dating.

She also revealed what kind of men she is attracted to. “I like honest, sincere men. Men that are not cocky, but very confident,” said Ashanti.

In addition to music, she has been dabbling in acting. Following her appearance on “Law & Order: SVU,” she will star in the Lifetime movie Christmas in the City, premiering December 7 at 8 p.m.

See Ashanti chat about her single lady status and sexting with Bethenny below.

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  1. @Marcosj1988

    yes she’s ready for this comeback now the stars are aligned now!!!!!


  2. Shay

    Now she’s promoting the right way… And she seems more real and happier and more interesting since her and nelly broke up…. Ashanti might be on her way to her comeback ….. Let’s see how this play out… I’m team queen bey… But I won’t front I want to see Ashanti win again too


    @Marcosj1988 Reply:

    @Shay, yes i love beyonce to king B but i wanna see ashanti win as well she’s super underrated her voice is so good now #teamtoomuch #teamashonce lol


  3. miss ross the boss *icon*

    chile – LOL!


  4. B

    I really want Ashanti to win! It’s about that time for her again…


    KayKay Reply:

    @B, YES!


  5. Chanel

    She’s very pretty! She needs to be on point with the promotion this time around….but this song might do well on radio but how would she perform it? It’s not a performance song… But hey we’ll see


  6. Tt

    She’s more open and interesting now… …. All she need is the proper promotion… She might have it now..hope the song is good


  7. Nicki Minaj

    I’m ready Ashanti. It’s been long overdue.


  8. Aww baby

    Tess the leading lady of hip hop& rnb is back!


  9. Monica

    I like how she disowned her previously fails singles and said this will be her 1st single…. Good move… Hope it does well


  10. Musicjunkie

    I love that girl ‘ shes a legend . The princess of R&b . People sleep on how many records this girl broke . 503 first weeks sales for a debut album . 3 tops 10 singles in the same week ‘ while still writing for other artist . Comeback ashanti


  11. Oh

    Its funny that this bish said she don’t like cocky men when her ass is the cockiest “singer” out there…I mean does she even sing anymore?


    Ladiij88 Reply:

    @Oh, umm when has she even been cocky?? Whenever you see or hear her speak in interviews, she has an down to earth, humble personality.


  12. Jingle juice

    Yasssss! Finally she creating an buzz ahead and giving out dates. So want her to win but who knows.


  13. manny

    LOVE HER!!! she’s more open than ever before, and that’s what it takes now days to win!





  15. Rasan8250

    You know I hope she does better than she did over the past Two Years!!! She had Two very well received singles that were just not promoted right. She got a comeback in her she just gotta work.


  16. Ready 4 Da Yolas

    Nice interview


  17. Lamar

    Happy n excited for Ashanti’s new single. I am hoping this song takes off and puts her back out there where she needs to be.


  18. Kyle

    That would be awesome if she made this picture her album cover! I love this photo. Ashanti is seriously one of the most beautiful ladies in the industry; inside and out. I love her personality!


  19. poo poo

    Ashanti needs to get ready to shoot the video Like now, We need a visual can’t just release a song without a visual


  20. EdgarC

    Ashanti- bring it, we are ready. Princess1



    She know to bring in this BO$$


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