Toni Braxton and Babyface Perform ‘Hurt You’ on ‘Arsenio’

Toni Braxton and Babyface

Twenty-one years after their first collaboration on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” Toni Braxton and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds brought it back to where it all began. The R&B duo put their chemistry on display while performing their new single “Hurt You,” and sat down for an interview.

Toni reflected on singing in her “red do-me-baby booty dress” on “Arsenio” back in the day. “I couldn’t wear underwear with that dress,” she revealed.

With some encouragement from Babyface, she was able to move out of a “dark space” and return to music. “I’m really grateful that I have wonderful people in my life like Babyface. He always comes to my rescue and helps me realize my dreams,” she said.

Their upcoming duets album Love, Marriage & Divorce is due February 4. “If you’ve ever been in a relationship, whether you’ve been married or not, you can identify with having your heart broken,” said Toni. “We wanted the album to be a story and we wanted it to be about love as well.”

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  1. Jordan Gabriel

    Nice to hear Toni but Babyface kinda ruined it..


    it's me Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, Blasphemy! Babyface couldn’t ruin it if he tried!



    @it’s me, I agree, Babyface was FLAT the entire time. Toni sounded amazing though.


  2. Realistically

    Babyface needs to go ahead and propose to Toni.


  3. Bx

    Since we now have to do a pointless wait till february for the album, they might as well give us a second single to hold on to


  4. Ready 4 Da Yolas

    babyface look like he nerovus to performance with Toni braxton and nice song this is my fourth time hearing this song since it played on the Radio Itune


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