Miley Cyrus Performs with Kitten at AMAs

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus came in like a “Wrecking Ball” and purred her way out of the Nokia Theatre at Sunday’s American Music Awards. The singer, who turned 21 on Saturday, performed her No. 1 hit as an animated kitten appeared on screen behind her, mouthing along to the lyrics. As she neared the end of the performance, the cat started to cry and even stuck its tongue out.

Watch Miley’s cute and cuddly set below.

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  1. YoMansKeeper

    She’s riding the wheels off this song…I’m tired of hearing it tbh.


  2. The World

    That costume is giving me Rihanna AMA’s LOUD era


    The World Reply:

    @The World, and Rude Boy on Alan Carr


    Rihcantsinglive Reply:

    @The World, shut up! Miley is better than rihanna.


    Sushi Reply:

    @Rihcantsinglive, Miley’s jacking Rihanna’s style


    Jackie Rayne Reply:

    @Rihcantsinglive, as much as I may not like Rihanna’s attitude, I rather her over Miley any day! Kittens though? Okay “Destiny.”


    meme Reply:

    @The World, I thought the exact samething.That and live the way you lie and whats my name on AMA


  3. Anthonypile

    Mily Cyrus perform is so bored !!!!


  4. LAX

    I’m shocked she didn’t do anything crazy and that kitten was boring…I thought that kitten was going to start twerking


    Dina Reply:

    @LAX, hahaha


  5. nwhat

    stop letting this wannabe nonsexy skank perform please r u kidding me america. stop this madness


  6. :o

    Hate the new miley and I’m so sick of this song but she sounds so damn good!


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