Lady Gaga: ‘I’m a Big Fan of Chief Keef’

Lady Gaga and Chief Keef

Lady Gaga not only surprised by arriving on a horse at the American Music Awards, she also revealed her unexpected obsession with Chief Keef.

During an interview with “E! News” on the red carpet, Gaga said that the Chicago rapper has been getting a lot of play on her iPod.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Chief Keef, so I’m kinda into Chicago music right now,” said the “Applause” singer. “I was living there for a while, so we’ve been listening to a lot of his records. I’m a big fan.”

It turns out Chief Keef is a Gaga fan as well. After watching the interview, he tweeted, “I love Lady Gaga For Sayin She Listens to a lot of me and What’s so crazy I was jus Watchin Dis redcarpet shit Like damn dis Girl fine,” he said, adding, “Love You Lady Gaga ❤️.”

While they have yet to collaborate, Gaga did work with another Chicago MC, Twista, on “Jewels N’ Drugs” off her album ARTPOP, which debuted at No. 1 last week.

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  1. King

    Lol, this must be some kinda joke or some’


  2. @AmazinJaLen

    They both be HIGH so either she was high when she said it or really gets high & listens to Sosa. Lol


    FemaleRaphotFiyah Reply:

    @@AmazinJaLen, lol if i were high i would listen to the Weeknd instead lol



    @@AmazinJaLen, lmfaooo truu dhat



    swear down rap-up are gonna try black list chief keef and then when lady gaga mentions him theyre all up his ass smh


  4. tre

    i guess them being on the same label is just a coincidence right lol


  5. Nicki Minaj



  6. FemaleRaphotFiyah

    She could easily get Chi-Town rap at its finest from Common, Kanye or Twista 3 good Chi-town artists i only fuck with Keef of love Sosa, Hate Bein Sober and Don’t Like Remix


  7. FemaleRaphotFiyah

    She could get chi rap from kanye, twista or common and good chi rap


  8. WOWOW

    UMMMMMMMMM,Why she’s given him life for??????????


  9. Drama

    LMAO stefani better get her life.


  10. Nice

    Nice try Interscope . . desperate times call for desperate measures huh?


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