New Music: Jhené Aiko f/ Jaden Smith – ‘The Worst (Remix)’

Jaden Smith

The first remix to Jhené Aiko’s “The Worst” comes from an unexpected source, Jaden Smith. The 15-year-old actor/rapper tacks on a verse to the L.A. songstress’ seductive single off her Sail Out EP. A vulnerable Jaden deals with the complexity of a relationship.

“But lately you’ve been bringing out in me a young poet/ Your monogamy, it bothers me/ You know it,” he raps.

He praised Aiko, calling her a “goddess.”

Hear his take on “The Worst” below.

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  1. Realistically

    Jhene Aiko is the reincarnated version of Aaliyah.


    tre Reply:

    @Realistically, yea yea yea. insert other forced comparison here.


    Ewan Reply:

    @Realistically, No, Aaliyah actually had talent.


    Deejay Reply:

    @Ewan, Fuck outa here. Aaliyah(rest in peace) had very very little vocal ability. Beautiful? Yes. Talented? No.


    stfu Reply:

    @Deejay, lol are you serious. You sound crazy. R U on CRACK?


    kate Reply:

    @Deejay, aaliyah was talented !!!!!


  2. Beacvv

    Cant lie, Jaden did his thing.


  3. Riko

    Its okai, but I still prefer the original, the song loses its serenity and peaceful vibe when rap is incorporated :/ please, not every song needs rap (ex. tiara thomas- bad very beautiful. WITHOUT wale.)


  4. Deshaun Snow

    He only praised her b/c Drake does and now he’s looking like The Weeknd who is affiliated with Drake. This boy….


    Vinny Reply:

    @Deshaun Snow, LMAO!


  5. nwhat

    the title of the song matches perfectly with that photo of will smith’s son


  6. Lucky

    I’m not gonna lie his verse was pretty good. Jaden did his thing


  7. Alexis

    So sweet


  8. Alexis

    He did his thing


  9. itscrazy

    he killed it, she killed it. Pure & Raw talent, just what we need and want in this auto-tuned, sex selling, music industry.


  10. Monay

    O.m.g I don’t even like jaden smith but he killed it I love this version better sorry to any one who think other wise but it’s my opinion


  11. Cleo

    Okay I’m not a jaden fan or anything but the boy outdid himself by that verse. He his maturing ey. But the original version still goes in for me.


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