Drake Brings Out Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg at L.A. Show

“I feel like I brought OVO Fest to L.A. tonight,” said Drake during his “Would You Like a Tour?” stop at Staples Center in Los Angeles last night.

In addition to Future, Miguel, and Jhen√© Aiko, the star-studded lineup included Drake’s YMCMB labelmate Nicki Minaj, who joined him for “Make Me Proud.”

“Los Angeles, make some noise for one of the most beautiful, talented women in the entire world, Ms. Nicki Minaj,” said Drizzy to Nicki, who blew him a kiss before exiting the stage.

He also paid homage to his second hometown by bringing out West Coast legend Snoop Dogg, who performed a medley of hits including “The Next Episode,” “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang,” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

“This guy right here is one of the most important people, not only in music, but just in the world, one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life,” said the Toronto MC.

Watch Drake get down with the D-O-Double-G below.

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  1. T

    That was cool. Guess they’re cool again.

    Nicki should really work on honing her stage presence. Like when Kanye started making Stadium music.

    I’m intrigued to see what this third album has in store. Pink Friday was good and had a lot of potential. PFRR was a rush job and was lacking on the rap side.

    I got hope for this third album. Nicki should try a tone/perspective shift with her writing. Step outside her box alittle. Never know what to expect from her tho. I got faith.

    And here come the haters…


    Mn Reply:

    @T, Totally agree. She has the potential to do it, and I think that’s kind of her intention for this third album. So excited.


    Tim Reply:

    @Mn, Nicki has been locked in the studio for a long period of time. She’s worked with Neyo & Bruno Mars already plus a new producer named detail (look him up). So I expect this to be her best.


    lily Reply:

    @Tim, wait..She worked w/ Ne Yo and Bruno Mars? How do you know that?


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @Tim, Detail is not new. He’s been producing songs for artist since 2005. Remember Sexy Can I by Ray J? He produced that. He produced Ice by Kelly Rowland etc. He’s signed to Young Money. Now idk bout Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars but we know she’s been in the studio recording with Detail, Pharrell , Future and Mike Will


    Victorious Reply:

    @Tim, omggg Bruno collab would slay!


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @T, Yeah, she was saying in an interview back when the High School vid came out that she was going to take her time with this third album. Then she said in another interview that she was ready to get back in the creative space of Pink Friday and this time she’s going to perfect her verses. While recording PF:RR she didn’t re-write her verses like she did on PF. Then in the interview with Power105 she said the music already recorded is on a next level, and sounds different from anything she ever did before. Then in a BET interview she said the music feels good and she wants us to feel the lyrics. So it sounds like it’s coming together nicely.


  2. Luiz Rossetto

    Watch out your steps Mr. D-O-double-G. 00:19


  3. kate

    she is the reason i hate hip hop


    Staysnatching Reply:

    @kate, well then you didnt really love hip hop then.


    T Reply:

    @kate, and yet you came! If you can afford Internet to seek out what you hate, you can afford to seek out what you actually like.

    But by all means stay pressed you pretentious elitist


    Tina Reply:

    @T, Maybe he came to see Snoop & Drake. Nicki is not the only one mentioned in the title.


  4. Brina

    They been cool u can’t always listen what the media says I swear I love when they perform together


  5. We Found Rihanna.



    RihannaNavy999 Reply:

    @We Found Rihanna., Obviously someone relevant because you mentioned her in this post…


  6. Os

    I love them both Nicki and Drake.


  7. lily



  8. Sau

    I’m so ready for Nicki’s new music.


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