Video: Justin Bieber – ‘All That Matters’ [Teaser]

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber lowers the lights and goes in for a kiss in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his #MusicMondays series. The 19-year-old heartthrob makes out with his sexy co-star in the clip, which was shot earlier this month in L.A.

“What’s a king bed without a queen?” he asks. “You’re all that matters to me.”

The full video will premiere on December 2, while his Believe movie hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Watch the Biebs serenade his lady in the teaser below.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    the only song from his #musicmondays i listen to


  2. Tanisha

    THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO BE THE SHIT! can wait to see it. Justin is maturing really well.


  3. ELLIE



  4. nwhat

    The audience on TV need to start booing miley cyrus. And this look-alike kid, too


  5. Norma

    If u don’t like what u see go watch something u like. If u don’t like the artist why u read or watch thing about them. Miley and Justin are really talented artist who don’t deserve be booe. For people like u is we live without respect cus u are not able to respect others. If u accuatly take the time to get know Justin better without read what the media invent about him u will see he is just a kid living his dream with a heart of gold.


  6. Morgan

    Oh um … Ok I see you Bieber!!


  7. Oprah

    Funny how these white artist (Bieber, JT, Macklemore, ect) continue to appropriate black music, yet unlike black artist they keep their visuals white. The leading lady in their videos will never be non-white unlike with black artist.


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Oprah, Justin Timberlake ain’t appropriating shit. He grew up in Memphis and listened to black music during his childhood. If you’d listen to his interviews, you’d know that.


    Ethan Reply:

    @Oprah, Another troll making a mountain out of a molehill with the race card. And “black music” lmfao. Music is universal. Jon B sings R&B so he wants to “be black.” Jason Derulo sings pop so he wants to be “white.” You idiots, man …


    Stfu talking Reply:

    @Oprah, stfu justin barely ever has white leads. they’re all spanish or mixed with black.


    Ryan Reply:

    @Oprah, jump off a cliff you hoe of a racist!


  8. Desirai Nez

    i can wait for justin movie and this video ahh you GO JUSTIN!!!! i love you!!! you look sexy in the video that video going to be a bigger hits…i can wait to see the video ahh ahh:)


  9. Whatcha_Sayin

    Who the eff does he think he is?


    a Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, Justin Bieber, bitch


  10. blasterUp

    @Whatcha_Sayin, I say a contender for the next big thing in R&B.


  11. Tyla Bieber

    hi Justin that song was sex and hot

    i love u


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