Video: Kat Dahlia – ‘Happy and I Know It’

Kat Dahlia

Get your lighters up. Kat Dahlia gets high with a little help from her friends in the video for “Happy and I Know It.” With a mural of Bob Marley behind her, the Miami singer-rapper channels Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She chills at a skate park and lets the good times roll at a costume party.

“If you happy and you know it, raise your hands/ Bring it to your lips and breathe it in,” sings Kat on the weed lovers’ anthem.

You can download the song for free on her new mixtape Seeds, which dropped last week.

Blaze up the trippy clip below.

[L.A. Leakers]

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  1. 2bad2bme

    who is this and did she eat Kat Deluna? lmao


  2. Yas

    Loooooove her! Her song Clocks and Mirror are everything! Her voice is so new and fresh! Really look her up, she really is amazing.


  3. Michelle

    HAAAA!! I like Kat Dahlia… But she’s near Kat Deluna’s talent. Lmao!!


    Michelle Reply:

    @Michelle, She’s not near Kat Deluna’s talent…


  4. 2bad2bme

    Kat Deluna didn’t have talent she was a messy ball of fire


  5. LaMont

    Kat Dahlia is off the hook, she’s way beyond Kat DeLuna you can’t even really compare the two, there style of music is diffrent. I’ll take Kat Dahlia over Kat DeLuna any day.


    roma Reply:

    @LaMont, I’ll take both of them AT THA SAME D*MN TIME! lol. Na Kat Dahlia has more substance in her music, Kat Deluna has a stronger voice tho.


  6. Kroekert

    She looks like a man


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