Rap-Up TV: Danity Kane Dishes on New Album, Diddy, & Leaving Solo Careers Behind

Danity Kane’s comeback is in full effect. After announcing their first show in five years, tickets sold out in 24 hours. The ladies will perform their hits and new material for the first time at L.A.’s House of Blues on December 16.

In Part 2 of our interview, Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and Aundrea discuss their upcoming album. The group has been in the studio with hitmakers including The Stereotypes, Da Internz, The Underdogs, Ester Dean, James Fauntleroy, Dem Jointz, and Rob Knox.

They are also hoping to work with Miguel and Pharrell. “Pharrell is pretty phenomenal,” Shannon told Rap-Up TV. “We’ve always had Pharrell on our list.”

Aubrey shared an embarrassing story about running into The Neptunes hitmaker at the VMAs. “I fell through a chair and landed on his lap,” she said. “There’s a lot of women that try to get in Pharrell’s lap and it just naturally happened for me.”

Diddy discovered the girls on MTV’s “Making the Band,” but he won’t be involved in the next chapter of their career. However, they still wish him well.

“We wish him the best and we hope that he wishes us the best. Hopefully we’ll see him at the Grammys in a year,” said Aubrey, adding, “Maybe he’ll bring us cheesecake.”

Prior to reuniting, they were pursuing solo careers, but they’ve put them on hold to focus solely on Danity Kane. “We’re back in Danity Kane. We’re here, we’re focused,” said Aubrey. “We left our solo careers and all the things that we pushed and believed in and fought for and we are committing to this situation and this group and we plan on having a long career.”

Part 1: Danity Kane Readies New Music for Comeback Show

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  2. Keneef

    Without D Woods I don’t see it for y’all. Sorry! Ya missing an element. Bad boy groups don’t work if it ain’t the originals just as Total Dream etc.


    Truth Reply:

    @Keneef, The hell they need dwoods for dwoods needs them if anything cause her solo career aint going anywhere. Honestly i think they look 10 times better as a group without her. They will do just fine and when they makes there comeback she will regret she ever left.


    Fact Reply:

    @Keneef, 90% of fans are already over the fact that D woods is gone. She isnt needed for this group to further succeed u can bet on that.


    True story Reply:

    @Keneef, The only thing thats going to change for the group is the fact that they will be getting more money since its 4 of them now lol. You act like D woods was essential for this group to succeed. ehhhhh wrong. D woods was the one member who could easily be taken out.


  3. Keneef

    Without D Woods I don’t see it for y’all. Sorry! Yall missing an element. Bad boy groups don’t work if it ain’t the originals just asK Total Dream etc.


  4. christo

    ok so..no more Blackheart? WTF.


  5. Miguel

    …their is a weird tension between Aubrey & Aundrea that I’ve noticed lately in all of their reunion interviews, photos & appearances. I hope they can get past it & don’t let that be the downfall of the group once again.


    DanityFan Reply:

    Wow me to @Miguel,


    caleb Reply:

    @Miguel, It’s because they had a huge fight in 2010 on all about aubrey and they swore they would never work together again. They have polar opposite personalities and that gets in the way sometimes. Last I heard they weren’t even friends, but I guess that has changed.


  6. ArchBishopOprah

    I just pray we still get BlackHeart somehow!!!


  7. ccine

    yay to danity kane! finally they understand what i’d been screaming to the tv years ago: they’re much stronger 2gether than apart!


  8. Chris

    No DWoods needed. Slay ladies!!! Yassss.
    Here for it!


  9. Kyle

    I don’t see this reunion lasting. Watch this interview closely and I feel like the group is split in two. There’s Dawn and Aubrey and then there’s Aundrea and Shannon. Notice Aubrey in the beginning as Aundrea is talking. She’s already being a catty bitch and they haven’t even released a single. I wish Dawn would’ve stayed solo and kept pushing “BlackHeart.”


    A Reply:

    @Kyle, I already noticed that the group is split between Aundrea & Shannon at one side and Aubreu & Dawn on the other. I think this is caused by Aubrey this time. She can’t blame management or outside voices for the fights between the girls. She is very shade and rude on mostly every interview. Even though Dwoods is not there anymore that doesnt mean that she can say owh there isnt any missing member. Even at the AMAS she wants the attention again with her boobs hanging out and taking solo pictures. Aubrey this is not a good look. If u want the career you always wanted please stay humble this time and dont get a big ego. I know her heart is in this project but she must get rid of the famewhoring.

    Ps Aundrea gave her a side eye like hey you better be quit.


    Kyle Reply:

    @A, Exactly. Like I said, Dawn should’ve stayed solo. She is leaps and bounds ahead of all of them in terms of her artistry. I don’t want her to succumb to Aubrey’s ways. Dawn even seemed silly/amateurish in this interview as opposed to when she was independent and talking about her solo projects last year. The whole thing just seems silly to me.


  10. A

    LMFAOOOOOO Aundrea said We are not little girls anymore, paused gave Aubrey a side eye like hey grow up and then finished with we are grown women. Aubrey felt that one because her head went down.


  11. Keneef

    I am not saying dwoods is Beyoncé or the core of the group. It’s all about chemistry n bonds. DK will not work with those 4 polar opposite personalities. You can sense the tension which will be their down fall. There was areason the 5 of them made it it was a reason why they where a success. Maybe D woods is wise enough to realize that BS that happens behind the closed doors of the DK Dollhouse isn’t worth all the fame and fortune.


    Ray Reply:

    @Keneef, u see u the only one pressed in these comments tho? Go watch making the band and suck it up..D.elusional.


  12. Bijan

    Stop gossiping you guys. Y’all love to speculate about shit, can we just enjoy the music they’re gonna put out.


  13. Keneef

    @Bijan when they release music then we will stop gossiping! At this point in time there isn’t anything to go off except a whole bunch of pointless interviews they haven’t even sang accapella on any of them for all we know they lost their voices. I wanna hear something anything at this point. They should be using sites like Rap-Up and TGJ to perform give the fans something… All this talk is pointless.


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