Video: Eminem – ‘Rap God’


Eminem unlocks the key to immortality in the futuristic video for his single “Rap God.” The hip-hop icon rocks blonde hair and a shiny black suit as he pays homage to ’80s British artificial intelligence Max Headroom. He sits in a white room hooked up to televisions, while images of his rap idols Rakim, Eazy-E, and Run-D.M.C. flash across the monitors.

The glitchy clip was shot at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit and directed by Rich Lee, who helmed the “Not Afraid” and “Lighters” videos.

Following “Berzerk” and “Survival,” the song is the third visual off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which returns to No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album sold 120,000 copies in its third week.

He also recently shot a video for “The Monster” with Rihanna in Detroit.

Watch Marshall morph into an immortal below.

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  1. Zizia

    God’s back.


  2. chantal



  3. meme

    Monster is #2 why are they not pushing that song b4 it slips on the charts


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @meme, because it won’t slip anytime soon. Its daily radio updates are insane and it’s still top 3 on sales


    meme Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, thanks for the update…i wasnt aware of it was performin solid without a video


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @meme, no worries :)


    Hugh Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, Correct.

    Still #1 on sales at the end of next week (currently #1 and #33 on iTunes)


  4. Karan

    Rap is my drug & Eminem is my god….you rockk mahnnn


  5. just4u

    I like this video


  6. Sharp Tongue

    The video was dope in its own way. #BarsOnTopOfBars


    Ricky Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, This ain’t Twitter, you lames need to stop using hashtags outside of it.

    Video was dope indeed.


  7. dope!!

    The concept for the video is crazy. dope video!!!!!


  8. shawnn

    i wonder how rappers feel when they hear eminem spit… hook -16bars – hook – 8bars – 4bars(so called) bridge – hook – shout – fade out… smh so typical.


  9. Hugh

    This is dope, epic, amazing

    Em is king


  10. bibi93



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