T.I., Iggy Azalea, and David Letterman

Iggy Azalea and T.I. Perform ‘Change Your Life’ on ‘Letterman’

Iggy Azalea kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday with an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday. Dressed in all white, the Aussie rap sensation performed her latest single “Change Your Life” with some help from T.I. and a live band. She rocked out with her guitarist before the Hustle Gang chief joined her for his guest verse.

She also worked her charm on Letterman, who was captivated by the sexy blonde.

Feast your eyes on Iggy’s white-hot set.


  • nick

    Female Eminem!!!

    • Creative Minds

      @nick, You forced it. She cant even see eminem when it comes to lyricism even on his worst day


    Iggy is on her way, she is getting that mainstream attention. I think miss “212” is a little jealous of iggy now.

    • meme

      @TRUTH COMMISSION, yea they just need the right material man. I still don’t think any of those singles were hit material….work was the best. I hope her label don’t pull the budget tho, shes getting there. Nickis first few singles were catastrophic as well so…

      • Nicki Minaj

        @meme, Uhm. No. Only Massive Attack did bad, other than that Your Love , Check It Out and Right Thru Me did their thang.

    • Oh

      @TRUTH COMMISSION, Azealia doesn’t care. She has more talent than Iggy so when Azealia does come out its gone be a problem cuz she has potential to be the next Foxy or Kim tbh

      • Pri

        @Oh, azealia has already come and gone lmao. bum bitch bye

    • Andy

      @TRUTH COMMISSION, to be honest.. uff.. no.

  • viciuzurban



    Go Iggy! Looking good too :)

  • B1


  • Pri


  • An0thrDream

    Sweet! I love Iggy’s dedication, great performance!

  • JD

    This song is growing on me. Iggy isn’t but the song is.

  • ,.

    i actually love the change your life part that,s about it,she doing her thing though.

  • Nicki Minaj

    Did this chart anywhere? It’s been out since Jesus died. If the video don’t make it chart nothing can. Still love the song tho.

    • Balenciaga

      @Nicki Minaj, it’s actually her highest charting single in the UK at peaked at #10

  • FanMinaj

    I love the song but not this performance…
    I would love to see Nicki and Iggy in one song!

  • nicko

    lol,her songs r floppin but she cute

  • Andre

    daaammnn that ass jump

  • JoJo

    Wow she did that.


    Lol no one’s checking for this chick.

    • JoJo

      @ROSEGOLD, You clearly are why you clicked on the post and felt the need to comment on it. bye