New Music: Mac Miller – ‘I Come in Peace’

Mac Miller

Just hours after recording it, Mac Miller liberates his Big Jerm-produced song “I Come in Peace,” which borrows its title from the 1990 sci-fi thriller.

The Pittsburgh rapper spews off a series of rambling thoughts. Over the course of three minutes, we learn that if he has a daughter, he wants to name her Rosa Parks, he dreams about having a threesome with Serena and Venus, and that he watches “Scandal” in his Gucci sandals.

“raps that i think are good right now but in 3 days i will ask myself what the fuck i was talking about,” explained Mac.

Listen to his spontaneous flow below.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    and that’s the way you should leave, in peace…


    Brenda Thompson Reply:

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    Is it me or does Mac Miller look like he is being secretly destroyed by drugs?


    no Reply:

    @LEVELNEXTER, yep.


    Truth Reply:

    @LEVELNEXTER, he ain’t learn from Eminem smh


  3. cincinnatisincemymamahadme

    You go in pieces


  4. dodo



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