Lady Gaga Taps Rick Ross for ‘Do What U Want’ Remix

Lady Gaga and Rick Ross

Mother Monster and MMG are joining forces. Following her collaboration with T.I., Too $hort, and Twista, Lady Gaga has enlisted Rick Ross for the remix to her R. Kelly-assisted single “Do What U Want.”

She made the announcement on Twitter, writing, “Do What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It’s happening.”

The original song, which appears on her chart-topping album ARTPOP, is currently No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Gaga’s love for hip-hop is no secret. She recently revealed that she has been listening to a lot of Chicago rap including Chief Keef, and previously collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Wale.

During her trip overseas this week, she appeared on Japanese TV show “Music Station.” Watch her perform “Applause” below.

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  1. meme

    she still reaching with this tired album. they shudnt even bother trying to promote this mess anymore. Just accept the lost and move right along


    Bae Reply:

    @meme, you’re so negative.


    Brenda Thompson Reply:

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    Sushi Reply:

    @meme, If she bothers you so much, then that means she’s doing a great job in promoting her album. Unlike some other artist. Music is a matter of opinion, but calling someone’s music trash because of good hard working promotion? Ha! Your faves must be failing!


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @Sushi, she didn’t say it wa trash she sai it was tired which it is. That’s why it will struggle for gold. With an 81% decrease second week.


    Oh Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, Bitch shutup cuz Nicki’s next album wont even get 100K first week. Her last album STILL isn’t Platnium in the U.S with a RE-RELEASE.. Fuck outta here


    King Fierce Reply:

    @Oh, true but it spawned how many successful singles? I’m looking and I don’t see any Lady Gaga in the top 40.


    Rei Reply:

    @meme,I love ARTPOP. As do a majority of her fan base. Just let her do her thing.


  2. Axel



  3. Nicki Minaj

    She tries too hard.


  4. Victoria

    lol, no Gaga, that trainwreck of a performance at the AMAs was bad enough.


  5. Chris

    Lol I like DWYW, such a good song! Where are the hoards of haters coming from? I know the economy’s doing bad but seriously, get a job


    deejay Reply:

    @Chris, I hate when people abbreviate song titles with acronyms. Aint nobody got time to decipher that shit.


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @deejay, lmao yess too much


  6. Andy

    how about no


  7. JHP

    Rap-UP, y’all need to post the Justin Timberlake “TKO Black Friday Remix” featuring A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, and Pusha T immediately!


    TRUTH Reply:

    @JHP, WORD! My son Cole killed that track. Born Sinner in ya b!tch


  8. Hugh

    No need for a remix. This songs growing fast at radio.

    But if keeps pushing DWuW and has a third hit, Artpop will go platinum in no time.


  9. Britney Jo

    Id rather imagine Rick Ross tapping Gaga. It feels more natural.


  10. TrinaFan

    Gaga should’ve done a female version. Would’ve sounded dope w Trina. Wish there was a female version of Jewels N Drugs too & use Trina, Iggy, Nicki, Missy, or Kim.



    Double M – G strong, why you mad


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