K. Michelle Readies ‘Still No F**ks Given’ Mixtape

K. Michelle

K. Michelle is going back to her roots. The R&B singer is readying a new mixtape for release early next year.

Still No Fucks Given, the sequel to her 2012 mixtape 0 Fucks Given, will arrive on January 8, she announced via Instagram.

“All of this started from one little mixtape, 0 fucks Givin,” said the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star. “As a special thank you, I think it’s only fair we continue this legacy. Jan 8, 2014 I will present to you Still No Fucks Givin. Boy do I have a lot to say!”

She was supposed to release a Christmas edition of her album Rebellious Soul, but wasn’t able to complete it in time. “I know u all wanted a Christmas Album,but I’m a perfectionist and there was just no time left in the day 4me to get it PERFECT,” said K.

Instead, she released a two-song holiday bundle including the original song “Christmas Night” and her soulful cover of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Meanwhile, her second Rebellious Soul single “Can’t Raise a Man” will hit radio in January and she is taping for her upcoming VH1 show “No New Friends.”

“You guys get to see, not just the pop-off K. Michelle, curse you out, but you get to see really all of me,” she told Rap-Up TV of the new reality series.

Her “Rebellious Soul” tour featuring Sevyn Streeter and Tiara Thomas wraps on December 3 in Boston. “I still can’t believe I headlined my first tour and sold out every show accept two. Wow. You all are my everything. The rebels have brought life to my dreams,” she told her fans.

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  1. Brandoll

    I’m so proud of how far she had come. Continue doing your thing.


  2. Brandoll

    I’m so proud of how far she has come. Continue doing your thing.


    fa Reply:

    @Brandoll, no need to repeat yousrself.
    We are not dumb!
    I can’t believe how far she has come too!
    She almost looks like a woman!

    Good lord, what is wrong with these women in pop… They all look like trannies!
    I need to look and listen to some classic Whitney Houston to clean my ears and eyes out!


    tristen Reply:

    @fa, funny thing is but bitch as u can see your listening to her music she doesnt give a fuck about u. She doesnt even kno ur broke ass she can buy everything u own. To be honest she looks like a beautiful womam and


    Ahead Reply:

    She is a ”WomaM” ?
    Not a woman ?
    Just what I said…A 10 $ tranny

    Use spellcheck and get ur face out of my ass and bank account!


  3. lol

    wtf @ that picture


  4. Lia

    K. flopchelle


  5. JD

    This women ain’t going nowhere. I’m looking forward to all the music that’s coming.


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