Ludacris, Tyrese, T.I., Rihanna, & The Game Mourn the Death of Paul Walker

Paul Walker

The world was stunned by the sudden death of actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash while attending a charity event on Saturday. After the tragic news spread online, his friends, fans, and colleagues took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the 40-year-old with the charming smile and blue eyes.

His Fast and Furious co-stars including Ludacris and Tyrese were still grappling with the shocking news, while his Takers co-star T.I. remembered a genuine and passionate man. A distraught Game cherished the memory of a true friend and talented actor.

Other stars including Rihanna, 50 Cent, and Miley Cyrus sent their condolences and prayers. Keyshia Cole and Christina Milian fondly recalled a beautiful person inside and out, while Keri Hilson and Ariana Grande were reminded of how fragile life is.

Read some of their heartfelt messages and tributes below.

Ludacris: Your humble spirit was felt from the start, wherever you blessed your presence you always left a mark, we were like brothers & our birthdays are only 1 day apart, now You will forever hold a place in all of our hearts @paulwalker legacy will live on forever. R.I.P.

Tyrese: My heart is hurting so bad no one can make me believe this is real Father God I pray that you send clarity over this cause I just don’t understand My heart hurts it’s broken no one can convince me that this is real…. Prayer warriors please pray real hard for his only child, his daughter and family…

The Game: Sad news about a dear friend. @PaulWalker, one of the best actors & for damn sure a great friend to me & I’m sure everyone else died today in a fiery car crash. This saddens me & is a definite reminder of how short life is. When I woke up this morning this is definitely not what I thought I’d have to post at some point during the day. My sincerest condolences & prayers are with his entire family…… A TRUE FRIEND was lost today & will be missed. Rest In Peace Paul.

T.I.: I’m shocked & saddened to find that the world has lost such a great spirited person. Paul Walker was not only a passionate, talented actor, he was also a sincere man with a genuine personality, that filled a room immediately upon introduction. My family’s hearts & prayers is extended to his family, especially his daughter. He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. #RIPPAULWALKER

Rihanna: Very Very sad news…I’m so heartbroken about this! #PW

50 Cent: RIP PAUL WALKER my prayers go out to his family and love ones God Bless

Keyshia Cole: So sad. He was So gorgeous and so kind. Coming from a charity event he had just started. I send love, prayers and my sincere condolences to his family.

Miley Cyrus: im really sad about Paul Walker :(

Kelly Rowland: R.I.P. Paul Walker. Wow! So sad. Prayers for his friends and family.

Justin Bieber: RIP Paul Walker

Teyana Taylor: OMG PAUL WALKER DIED..smh #RIPPaulWalker wow so sad….

Machine Gun Kelly: That’s so sad to hear about Paul Walker’s death. The good die way too young.

Ciara: What has happened to Paul Walker is so sad and unbelievable. May he rest in peace. Prayers to his family at this time.

Mary J. Blige: I’m so saddened by Paul Walkers death. Beautiful person and talent gone way to soon. #RIPPaulWalker

Nick Cannon: Rest in Peace to a true light, Paul Walker. To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord

Christina Milian: Shocked and so sad hearing this news. He was one of my favorite actors. Beautiful inside and out, 4 ever missed & loved.. rest in peace. #paulwalker my condolences to his family and friends

Pitbull: RIP @RealPaulWalker your in a better place now papo now show the heavens who is fast and furious

Amber Rose: I can’t believe Paul Walker died (Tears) Thats so sad! God Bless him and his Family. #RIPPaulWalker :-(

Diggy Simmons: Mannn… RIP Paul Walker and my condolences to his family. Talented dude

Keri Hilson: Life is so fragile… RIP, Paul Walker.

Jordin Sparks: Life is so fragile. Sending tons of my love & prayers to his family & friends. RIP Paul Walker.

2 Chainz: Prayers go to the Paul Walker family

DJ Khaled: R.I.P. Paul Walker gone to soon ! Condolences to his family!

Marsha Ambrosius: R.I.P Paul Walker HEART BROKEN !!! Prayers and love to all!!!

Mario: Just heard the sade news about Paul Walker | My Condolences to his Fam & friends

Ariana Grande: What a tragedy. Cherish every moment with your friends, family & loved ones. You never know what could happen. Heartbreaking #RIPPaulWalker

Akon: Rest in Peace Paul Walker!!!! You be missed my brother!!!!

Monica: Sending prayers and condolences to the family & friends of Paul Walker. never do we know the time or hour we will be called home. As the heavens welcome u your family & friends will be missing u!! Special prayer for those who have had the pleasure of working with u

Jay Sean: Oh man just read about Paul Walkers death. So young. Ugggh makes me sick especially when it’s caused by an accident. God bless his soul.

T-Boz: RIP Paul Walker. So sad! So young. Hate this happened!

Busta Rhymes: This is soooooo fuckin’ crazy. RIP @PaulWalker. God Bless bro.


Melody Thornton: Rest in peace. Such a beautiful man. My heart aches to discover he has lost his life so suddenly. Life is a blessing #PaulWalker #RIPPaulWalker

Iggy Azalea: RIP Paul Walker. So sad..

Swizz Beatz: R.I.P to Paul Walker a great guy gone to soon. blessings to his family

French Montana: Rip Paul walker. Shit real out here

LeToya Luckett: This is beyond sad to me. R.I.P Paul Walker #Lifeistooshort

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  1. Jade

    R.I.P Paul Walker, I have enjoyed all the fast and furious instalments, such a pleasure to have seen and watched an amazing talent. My prayers go to his family. The first time I started watching fast and furious movies was in 2005, the witty charm and suaveness of Brian O’Connor led me to watch all the instalments. Paul and Vin Diesel(Brian and Dom) were the perfect team. F&F will never be the same without Paul. Rest in Perfect Peace.


    Tesla Fan Reply:

    @Jade, *Brian Earl Spilner O ‘Connor


  2. chantal

    R.I.P Paul Walker.You were such a beautiful man inside out.My heart is crying


  3. Luela

    Paul walker was and is a true legend..@paulWalker you left a h
    huge hole in all of our hearts!!!..this indeed is a tragedy for we have lost a hero to some a friend and to the beautiful daughter of his.. a father #Gone to soon….nothing will ever be the same…an epic,Good Man has left us with only the talent love and the amazing attitude given…I might just be a fan but I too was hurt…life and Fast and furious will never be the same…with tonz of love


  4. Creative Minds

    beyond devastated. just horrible.


  5. D. kells

    Paul Walker was a great actor I never met the man never knew him but by your work and movies you can touch a person and we can see the true talent you were blessed with in life. You will always be remembered by us all from Fast And the Furious and we will forever see your love and passion through film. May your family and friends be in all of the worlds prayers and we never know when God calls us home so everyone try and show love to family or whomever in your life give them the roses and let them smell them while they are here. R.I.P. Paul Walker you will be misses.


  6. Beej

    Wow I still can’t believe this really happened… So heartbreaking. :(


  7. Oh

    I just cant believe this….. damn


  8. Tim

    It’s hard trying to understand Gods Plans, so I try not too.
    However I do believe that everything he does too & for his children servers a purpose in his Devine creation.


    Tesla Fan Reply:

    @Tim, so god planned Rodger to drive 100mph in a porsche and kill him and paul? please get out of here with your god hoopla


    NuBLOSSOM Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, why so angry though? Maybe if you had a little of that “hoopla” in your life you wouldn’t be so tensed. Geez.


    Tim Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. -Romans 14:8

    And the hoopla you want dismissed are the words of the lords “NOT MINE”‘ so you gotta handle your opposition with the higher power. However you do need too know that when you speak to The Lord HE LISTENS, so be careful with your approach. Love.


    Adrian Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, You’re an idiot. Get out of here with your heathen agenda, a man is dead & people are trying to pay respects.


  9. meme

    i dont like keisha cole comment. who gives a fuk if he was gorgeous….she must have not really kno him if thats all she could say.


    King Fierce Reply:

    @meme, it’s Mylie’s comment that kills me….can it get anymore basic? RIP Paul Walker, you were taken too soon and will be missed. What’s going to happen to his daughter?


    Oh Reply:

    @King Fierce, WTF did you want her say? She doesn’t know him personally, at least shes showing some type of condolence to his death. Yall buggin


    tre Reply:

    @King Fierce, what do you want her to say douchebag? youve got issues


    YouGonHearIt Reply:

    @meme, lmao! girl I didn’t like u before but after this comment I think I might. I like how I was feeling all somber and sad and.shit going through this article and comments and then pow! ur comment throws mme off guard! hahahaha, I hollered!


    Speechless Reply:

    @meme, What the hell did you want her to say?? HE WAS GORGEOUS! Look at him! Sit your ignorant ass down and shut up. Now is not the time to bitch and complain.


    tre Reply:

    @meme, when people die you celebrate all their qualities. he was a good looking man. Such an innocent comment turned into something it wasnt by a poster nobody likes. typical


    Sushi Reply:

    @meme, Why do you have to make this about you? This is about Paul Walker, not how you feel about Keyshia Cole’s comment! Move bitch!

    Jsyk. Keyshia Cole DID know Paul Walker. She’s friends with Ludacris.. I mean, how could you not be friends with Luda and not meet Paul?

    Typical. You must be 12


  10. Os

    R.I.P Paul Walker,send my condolences to is family and friends.


  11. BEYHIVE2014

    RIP Paul Walker…your talent touched me! May you find peace!


  12. YouGonHearIt

    it’s sad cos I was just watching vehicle 19 yesterday and today this… #RIP man. plus some of these celebrity comments smell of cheap publicity, I’m looking at you Keisha


  13. mon88

    im in shock this is a sad day already


  14. 2011k

    RIP to Paul Walker, AND RIP to his friend that was in the car with him as well. No life is more precious than the other. The other guy wasn’t “celebrity famous” but I’m sure he was as big of a star to his family and friends who loved him.


  15. Victoria

    How sad … may God continue to bless his family & friends.


  16. 416



  17. Kyle

    R.I.P! He was a great actor.


  18. max

    i hope they dont make another Fast and Furious movie caatesuse it will never be complete without Paul Walker. R.i.P Paul see u at d pearly g


  19. Grant

    French Montana is so disrespectful.


  20. LaMont

    R.I.H. Paul Walker!


  21. Rosie

    2013 has just been a devastating year. We’ve lost so many. May Paul Walker rest in peace. May god bless his family. And watch over his daughter


  22. Chrisy

    Still cant believe he’s gone….Paul Walker will be truly missed R.I.P


  23. no

    That was a really down to earth guy. No homo.

    faq im funna miss that cat. no homo.

    What an inspiring charming dude. no homo

    /tears up no homo


    Grace Reply:

    @no, You are so fucking ignorant.


  24. Willie Repulse

    God bless paul walker family and friends we will miss him so much he will never be 4 gotten. R.I.P. PAUL WALKER.


  25. BRUCE$

    R.I.P to the best man he was so kind and had manners #gone to soon you will be missed we will always respect the scenes uv pulled through ur great movieS R.I.P paul walker. Dnt know what to say #heartbroken I watched u since I was young n ma dream was to pull an act with you buh my dreams were crusheD I respect you so much paul we love ya brother


  26. berenice

    Ride and die @PAUL WALKER I’m a super big fan of yours love your movie now you in a better place in heaven racing & riding making heaven fast and furious. Gone but never forgotten R.I.P, Sent prayers to his daughter your father was a terrific actor always new what to say and do @Paul walker


  27. Manaia

    Rest in peace brother Paul walker! Gone to soon,
    But never leaving our hearts, sending mad love to you
    And your family homie RIP PW!


  28. eric biggs

    paul walker was my favorite actor and the light in his heart will never go out it will always remain on death can not turn that off i loved him so much peace to his family daughter and girlfriend his co stars i wish i could have met him to tell him that he was my favorite actor and friend to ride with him in one of his cars his heart was worldwide felt by everyone peace to your heart with love sincerly eric biggs


  29. sam

    Paul walker man may god bless you were a hard working man a father figure to your daughter and very caring and talented actor with a great personality when i heard the bad news i couldn’t believe it honestly all my prayers and wishes goes out to
    Paul Walker family, and friends your in a better place now looking down on the ones that you love
    ill always be your fan i still cant believe your gone so quickly



  30. Amiyah

    R I P Paul Walker

    Always in our heart’s


  31. o

    Rest In Paradise….


  32. lala

    r.i.p paul walker

    he did everything in life , made his family happy but the most he did was cheer everybody up in his life … he’ll be miss , he’ll be in our hearts , as prayers has been givin to him may you rest in peace paul walker…


  33. Casey

    My heart goes out to his only daughter and family !! Truly going to be miss !! Fly high


  34. gideon

    oh lord we loved him much but u have Ur reason to take him too soon,bless his soul,rest in peace Paul walker.


  35. mimi

    My heart and prayers go out to both Paul walker’s and the drivers family it’s sad that such a wonderful talented man has lost his life in such a tragic way Meadow your daddy was an amazing actor I truly loved all the movies he appeared in and I’m sure he was a great father also R.W.G Paul Walker Gone but never Forgotten.


  36. Melat

    It has been a month since your horrible accident and still hurts bad…ohh You were such a Humble human being and super talented actor who has always been trying to push himself to prove and in’Hours’ which you well showed us…you were finally earning the RESPECT you DESERVE and to be taken so soon from your families,friends and fans is just upsetting! May you Race in Paradise and of course May you Rest in Peace Angel Walker!!! Love you Loads.


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  38. abhishek

    we all loved not because u were an actor besides this he was a great man and great friend to everyone he treats everyone with affection and humble he will always be remembered forever he will always remain in our heart’s love RIP


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