New Music: Justin Bieber – ‘Change Me’

Change Me

Justin Bieber is starting with the man in the mirror. The teen heartthrob gets introspective on the latest release in his #MusicMondays series. On the vulnerable piano ballad “Change Me,” he asks his girl to help him become a better man through patience and understanding.

“Maybe you could change me/ Maybe you could be the light that opens up my eyes,” sings JB.

In addition to new music, he will drop the video for “All That Matters” on Monday at 7:30 p.m. EST on VEVO.

Listen to Justin tap into his emotions.

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  1. ray

    for the first time I feel justin bieber, i’m loving the approach his taking to music this time around. whoever said you had to be black have soul?


  2. Sushi

    In the beginning, i didn’t like it.. I forgot i left the song, and forgot who sang it.. so when the song went into the middle..i was like, “Wow.. this boy’s good, who am I listening to?”

    hehe.. he’s actually good.. if you just don’t think of his face


  3. Sushi

    If you don’t picture a his face.. it’s a really good song


  4. Grant

    Sounds a little bit like Musiq’s “Love”



    Justin Bieber is singing on this record here!


  6. @iDontDoRatchets

    This song is really amazing!! I’m listening to it on repeat, he really touches the soul and reaches out to those feelings in a relationship that you need and the tips to keeping a good one.


  7. blasterUp

    I like that this a stripped back arrangement with basically just piano and his vocals which is improving steadily. To me it has a gospel sound feel to it. I think this his 2nd best after All That Matters. JB is growing up and so is his music


  8. edu



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