Drake Previews New Aaliyah Collaboration

Drake and Aaliyah

For those who couldn’t get enough of their first collaboration, Drake has another song with Aaliyah waiting in the wings. The Toronto MC has previewed a brand new song with the late singer.

He posted an Instagram video of himself on his tour bus, while a duet between him and Aaliyah plays in the background.

“24 HOURS ON THIS BUS,” he wrote.

In August 2012, Drake released the Aaliyah-assisted single “Enough Said” and announced that he and producer Noah “40″ Shebib had been tapped by Blackground Records to produce a posthumous album from the singer. But once word got out, Aaliyah’s fans and close collaborators expressed their disapproval.

“I don’t know. I think the press got out of hand and they maybe had a different vision for it or something,” he told Elliott Wilson during his CRWN series. “It was sounding great to me. Whatever they end up doing with it, I wish them the best of luck.”

He hoped that one of his songs would make the cut. “There might be a record on there with me and her, I’m not sure. It was great. It sounded really good.”

Preview the new song below.

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  1. no...

    Why is Drake getting to sample all of Aaliyah’s vocals for his own benefit. What about the artists that she would have actually worked with e.g. Missy, Timbaland, DMX, Lil Kim… ect


    troof Reply:

    @no…, all are irrelevant in 2013
    except timbo


    Rob Reply:

    @troof, Missy and DMX too. They’re just chillg right now.


    WELL Reply:


    PLEASE have a big ol seat.. a year ago you probably were saying Tim was irrelevant. GTFOH!


    WELL Reply:


    Because Missy and Tim and DMX all have respect for her family’s wishes. They dont want any new Aaliyah music. They dont feel ready for it. Drake is making it for the money. Tim Missy & DMX are not.


  2. frankie

    Who gives this clown permission to mess with her vocals? Like cmon man. Let her RIP.


  3. Satisfied

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, the angry hooplah surrounds the fact that Missy, Timbo, etc. haven’t released any material using her vocals, legacy, etc. and there’s always been a hunger for this but never materialized. Granted Drake may not have collaborated with her in the past, he’s taking the step to bring some of her material to light in her honor and now no one appreciates or welcomes the idea? I didn’t know there was a limit on who can pay tribute. I’m so confused… But am I understanding this correctly?


    Zave Reply:

    @Satisfied, AMEN! I see no lies!!


    Music Nerd Reply:

    @Satisfied, I agree with you 100%


    Ice Reply:

    @Satisfied, Yep, pretty much hit the nail on the head.


  4. ShockVALUE9

    The only people that should be around aaliyahs old material should be her family. YOU CAN’T have aaliyah and drake on a record together. Sounds lame. Aaliyah missy timbo kim and dmx sound great though.


  5. KenBarbUk

    Can they just leave Aaliyah alone


  6. KenBarbUk

    Since they have all these new material,why can’t they just make compilation.

    i will literally cry if drake release this with him featured in it


  7. RealAsItGets

    Why is everyone acting like this? Drake is a genius. It is a great idea to me because the younger generation can get to know Aaliyah and her legacy can continue. Drake just do you


    Ivan Reply:

    @RealAsItGets, A genius? LMFAO. Man, GTFOHWTBS.


    KenBarbUk Reply:


    Babe the younger generation are already familiar with baby girl.I’m 16 and i’ve been a fan ever since ..


    Jimir Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, this. Been an Aaliyah fan since 4. And I’m now 16.


    RAsan8 Reply:

    @RealAsItGets, The Real questions is “Will this record sound like an Aaliyah or a Drake+40 Album?” It should be true to the deceased not something for him to pump his chest up about.


  8. Malika

    Drake over any one else (other than Missy & Timb) when it comes to production on this post-humous Aaliyah record.

    Barry Hankerson has instead got ratchet mixtape producers working on it & is releasing a film about “his niece” for his own benefit..

    So the majority of yall have no idea what you are talking about.


  9. muxicjunkie

    I wish this nigga would just go away he annoying and getting played out


  10. ATL

    At this point he just needs to stop! He’s such an obsessed freak! He didn’t even know the girl! Just stop it already Aubrey! Damn!


  11. Cara

    Don’t Think They Know >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Enough Said


  12. Iesha

    Stop hating and accept the music. Beat her down brown can use her vocals but Aubrey can’t?? He’s keeping her alive through the music like she wanted in her MTV diary interview. So stfu and accept the music. Stop hating and appreciate the music. Aaliyah isn’t God. What makes her music so special that NO ONE can’t either listen to it or touch it. That’s being selfish to the fans that supported her through all the years. Why should keep her music in the vault instead keep her legacy alive. She was human just like everyone else. If anyone should touch her music it’s Aubrey, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot. Stop being a hater and appreciate the music. Aaliyah would have wanted someone to keep her alive through her music , so what better way than for some is also a fan to do it in a positive way, than basic brown. If anyone else cared they would have done but since he does let him! There’s no malicious intent. You ain’t his momma you can’t tell him not too. It’s for a positive reason. As soon as he leaks it people want to get mad at him, but no one else gave a damn until he put the track out with her. Then you have people out the woodwork telling him no cause they were mad that it wasn’t their idea and they were suppose to be Aaliyah’s friends cause they knew her longer. Wouldn’t a friend want to keep their friends memory alive, ok then.


  13. Iesha

    Stop hating cause your jealous and the end if the day your a broke bitch. So Chris Brown could reincarnate to MJ, Keisha Cold could use 2Pac but when he does Aaliyah he’s wrong. Chris Brown is a woman beating disrespectful DICKHEAD. You’d rather that scum use Aaliyah’s music to get back at an enemy. Your iq must be very low. Stop hating on people who haven’t done shut do your jealous chauvinistic ass.


    D Reply:

    @Iesha, the irony in your comment! how can you call Chris Brown a woman beating disrespectful dickhead and in the next sentence say stop hating! Girl what?!?! And then you said the fans should stop being selfish because she not God and anybody can use her music & then you say if anybody should use it, it should be Timbaland, Missy & Drake chileeeee you contradicted yourself on the whole novel you wrote. Instead of you throwing hate at Chris Brown how about you appreciate the music and not be so contradicting. AND MAKE SURE YOU PROOFREAD BEFORE YOU HIT ENTER!!!


  14. Danny

    The song sounds great!!! Stop being a fuckin hater. The only people that are mad are the ones that hate him for God I don’t know what, or the people that wish they had the just to release her music and never did. I agree with that if they do an album it should be also the people that always wanted to collaborate with her and didn’t get to and the people that she wanted to collab with and never got to, so it’ll be good for everyone. But let the msb keep Babygirl alive!!!! He’s the only one that seems to really give a damn. Everyone else is just stingy or selfish.


  15. Tee Tiger

    I’m a HUGEEEE Aaliyah fan, i feel like Drake has a great plan to keep Aaliyah in the forefront of R&B music the same place where she was before her untimely death. I think that drake being a aaliyah fan understands what aaliyah music meant to fans and the coreness of what her aaliyah represented and sounded like. I think that Drake being behind an compilation album with new material would be hella dope!! Aaliyah music should’nt be just limited to those that were around her but to those that are inspired by her in general. If we the fans wait for Missy or Tim to produce a record with Aaliyah vocals we’ll be in the same boat as people in hell wanting water…. Shit out of luck. Tupac has released several albums which featured unreleased material with upcoming and famous artists all through the LP, as well as Biggie so why is Aaliyah an expectation to the rule. Fans miss her angelic voice and i think Drake is the only person trying to give fans what they have be yearning for so many years. Plus this drake song and his previous one featuring Aaliyah are wayyyy better than Chris Brown’s aaliyah assisted record.


    Zelly Reply:

    @Tee Tiger, Agreed with everything except the last sentence cause Dont Think They Know was levels above Enough Said


  16. Sade

    I’ve been a fan since the 90s. I’ve got every Aaliyah album, most of her songs and even some of the unreleased stuff. I can say listening to this preview and falling in love with Enough Said, Drake and 40 may have been the best guys to helm a new Aaliyah project even over Timbaland imo. Aaliyah’s best songs display that smokiness that became her trademark. If this preview is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. We get to hear a track that highlights her voice which is sometimes lost on Timbaland tracks.

    As far Tim and Missy, I feel the main people who are up and arms about their lack of involvement are the people who’ve only heard “Try again” lol cuz if you dig a little deeper in her catalogue, you’d see they were barely involved on her last and critically acclaimed self-titled album, Aaliyah. Missy had one song. Tim had three including the one Missy wrote so what does that say? It says a lot actually. It’s not that big of a deal. She executive produced the album after all. Besides, if there are folks who should have some sort of influence on this new Aaliyah stuff, it would be the folks who worked with her last. Sadly, her main collaborator, Static passed in 2008 but everyone else from eponymous work is still around ie. Black, Keybeats, Budda, J-dub, Tank. They were the ones to work with her last so they would know where her head was at musically and definitely where she was going with some of these “new” Aaliyah tracks. It would only makes sense.

    Finally, it’s a real shame this “album” will come out without the Haughton family’s blessing and it’s an even bigger shame that her label is once again using her to resurrect it but this is life. She’s been gone for over a decade and she was bound to get the 2pac treatment. I’m just hoping her label will afford us some respect by respecting her integrity as an artist through pairing her vocals with producers who will care about the project as much she would if she were executive producing it herself. Drake would’ve been the guy.


  17. J0RD@N y

    I’m a huge Selena and aaliyah fan. It makes me happy to hear a fresh sound on the vocals to singers like these. I think they would have eventually released the music anyway.


  18. Ready 4 da Yolas

    the hater need to get a F grip. it just a music song Great for Drake


  19. Unk

    I grew up listening to Aaliyah from her to Tim and Missy, Ginuwine, Magoo, Playa hell all the Supafriends. Tim and Missy have evolved hence why they are still relevant in the game. The whole Drake doing an album fell apart last year anyway I don’t see the big deal of a song here and there, but I thought CB’s song with Aaliyah’s vocals were better than the Drake song he released easy. As far as there minimal involvment on her last album they were all doing various things baby girl was doing movies about to blow up Tim and Missy were the hottest Producer/Artist/Writer duos at that time Tim and Missy were always going to be involved on an Aaliyah album she would have tried new producers sure, but she worked her magic with Tim/Missy/Static Tank others pretty much anyone.


  20. kie

    I just want music that I haven’t heard from aaliyah I don’t care if it’s with chris or drake. Her albums are great and iconic but I want to hear songs that I’ve never heard b4.

    I wish Drake would just get the rights to the unreleased songs and release them. I know people think it’s about the money but if we want to hear the music then we have to pay for it and lets face it most of us want to hear unreleased music from her. Barry kept promising a album every time a unreleased song would leak and hit the internet and radios and then he wouldn’t release it.

    I have so many memories that her music is connected to and I want new memories that are connected to unreleased music. She’s always been amazing and I will always support anyone who wants to release her music as long as they release it need to be for the fans not to make a crap load of money off of.

    Are they going to make money in the process of releasing her music sure just as long as that isn’t the motivation behind releasing the music. Drake & Chris seem like big fans and are in a position to share this music with fans and Im all for.


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