New Music: B.o.B f/ Priscilla – ‘John Doe’

John Doe

B.o.B tackles addiction on “John Doe,” the latest release off his upcoming album Underground Luxury. Singer-songwriter Priscilla Renea lends her vocals to the rock-tinged record.

“John Doe/ I just want the John I know/ Once you put the drinks on hold/ Maybe you could come back home,” she sings on the hook.

Bobby Ray admits to drinking too much, getting arrested, and getting caught cheating on his girl. “My girl broke up with me ’cause she walked in suddenly with a woman up under me,” he confesses.

Underground Luxury arrives December 17 featuring collaborations with Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, T.I., Juicy J, and more.

Listen to “John Doe” below and preview the rest of the album.

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    Pricilla sounds great. Im not liking BOBS flow too much.


  2. The Shady Truth

    oooo I Love this!!! She sounds so much like RiRi! Nevertheless she’s great!!


  3. Ro

    My god I’ve always been a fan of Priscilla Renea every since she started on youtube. The hook is amazing, thanks girl. Can’t wait to hear her voice again soon!!!!!!!


  4. Couture

    i’ve missed Priscilla Renea’s voice!


    FlySly Reply:

    @Couture, ME TOO!


  5. jerry L

    let me guess, its a corny generic pop song where the hook goes ooohwwwwhhoooooaaaaawwwwwwwwhhhhoooaaaa

    i hope im wrong, but no one is does anything original anymore


  6. Dots

    Although I don’t believe she sounds like Rih, her voice is really nice!


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