New Music: D. Woods – ‘Last Christmas’

Last Christmas

After opting out of the Danity Kane reunion, D. Woods is forging ahead with her solo career. The Atlanta singer gets into the holiday spirit with her cover of Wham!’s ’80s hit “Last Christmas.”

“It’s that time of year again HOLIDAY SEASON!” said D. “Here’s a lil holiday jam for you all while you’re out getting your shop on or at the holiday parties.”

Listen to her update the Christmas classic for 2013.

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  1. Malika

    When in flop, release a Christmas single/album.


  2. 2bad2bme

    I guess Some people just like beingbeing on the bottom of the bunk bed if you get my drift…loser


  3. C

    This sounds like it was made on a cell phone………if she is going to opt out of the group…she needs to come harder!


    JohnDoe54 Reply:

    @C, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “sounds like it was made on a cell phone…” I can’t handle.


    Ready 4 da Yolas Reply:

    @C, lol bwhaaaaahaaa


  4. RP

    I’m sorry, I know it’s the holiday season, but I have to be honest here. Who does she think she is, the Beyonce of Danity Kane? She is nobody without them. Her vocals just aren’t strong enough to compete. And now that DK is back, she’s gonna fall way off the radar. Prepare for feelings of regret, D!


  5. Wayne

    WANITA………………………girl, BYE! lol

    This is what you skip Danity Kane for? That was absolutely horrible, simple, and by the numbers. Is your budget funded by chicken Ramen? Ma’am let this be a cue, this Christmas and forever more, for you to sit your ashy behind down.

    Pack your bags, get on the bus..


  6. The Crowd Updater

    I can’t with this cover…





  8. efcedebiasi

    It look like she got a dirtaye pussaye where her pit goes. #whats4dinna -__-


  9. jadej

    It’s alright. Her vocals aren’t too impressive on here, but it’s not the worst.


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