Kevin Hart Wilds Out at Beyoncé Show

Christina Milian and Kevin Hart

Beyoncé can make grown men lose their mind. That’s exactly what happened when Kevin Hart attended her concert at L.A.’s Staples Center last night.

“Beyoncé’s right there!” shrieked the comedian when the singer flew over the crowd. “She flew over here like Tinker Bell.”

He nearly passed out when Bey tossed him her sweaty towel onstage.

“This is the face that THUGS make when they catch Beyonce’s towel at her concert,” joked Hart.

During the show, Beyoncé dedicated “I Will Always Love You” to Paul Walker and shouted out her Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who were both in audience.

Other star sightings included Wiz Khalifa and wife Amber Rose, Christina Milian, Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, and the Kardashians.

Watch Kevin stan for Bey below.

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  1. EL

    Too silly. LMAO!



    Kevin Hart sure knows how to get people laughin’


  3. 2bad2bme

    Lmao I absolutely love it


  4. KenBarbUk

    Am I the only one that doesn’t find him funny?


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, I hear that quite often lately…it’s funny though that when black folks become success people don’t support, they just find a reason to hate because they know everyone likes.


    roddypey Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, I don’t find him funny either. He is so overrated. The Tinkerbell joke made me chuckle. lol. I don’t think it’s hate, it’s just our opinion.


    blosew Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, yes just like your the only one that stands for a flop (hint) sickly triage


  5. KenBarbUk

    Even Celebrities STAN For The Queen B.


  6. mal

    hahahaha that was funny but hes probably is an actual stan LOL


  7. Frijoles refritos

    Lol marry me Beyonce


  8. ashgino

    that was such an opportunistic moment on behalf of Kevin Hart. His 15 minutes is about to be up


  9. Hilbert

    While I may not be a Beyoncé fan, it was funny!
    It’s Kevin Hart’s time. Allow him to savior in
    the moment.


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