New Music: Bobby V – ‘Who Am I to Change’

Who Am I to Change

Bobby V brings back the good old days of R&B on his new single “Who Am I to Change.” Over the horn-heavy instrumental, the R&B crooner jams with his band on the throwback tune, produced by Murphy Mitchell, Bobby Wilson, J Leron, and Jeff B.

His Motown-inspired EP Peach Moon, which he calls his most honest and inspired project to date, will be available digitally on December 10.

“I’m not chasing trends with this EP or trying to emulate what’s on the radio,” said Bobby. “This project is all about a feeling, a vibe.”

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  1. America Most Wanted

    Old School….Real R&B

    They don’t make music like this anymore. Some may say it’s dated but no it’s real.

    Didn’t really care for his last two albums but I’m looking forward to this one.


  2. Feel Sorry For Bobby

    This song is nice. Very smooth. I feel sorry for Bobby because he is trying to stay relevant. But making soulful music won’t help him at all. He needs to release a CLUB BANGER like TELL ME or PIMPIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD. I say.. bring back Tim & Bob production!


    Ice Reply:

    @Feel Sorry For Bobby,

    YES, Tim and Bob are GOAT producers.


    I'm Just Saying... Reply:

    @Feel Sorry For Bobby,

    -I’m not chasing trends with this EP or trying to emulate what’s on the radio,” said Bobby”

    He not looking to make a club banger, he making music true to him some folks not caught up on being relevant. He just trying make good music plain and simple


  3. Jlove

    I love his voice & creativity! I know that I’m going to love the Peach Moon EP.


  4. Von



  5. D. kells

    This is what I’m talking about old school real R&B with a band playing like back when Prince, Rick James and The isleys along with Earth Wind and Fire had a band playing real music. This is true R&B no club banger needed or trendy stuff is not needed. Make music for the love of music not for money ir to stay relevant because there are plenty of fans who know and still listen to Bobby V.


  6. Cachiva

    Indeed. Dozens of them.


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