First Look: Lady Gaga Straddles R. Kelly in ‘Do What U Want’ Video

R. Kelly and Lady Gaga

They sexed up the stage on “SNL” and got freaky in the Oval Office during the American Music Awards, and now Lady Gaga and R. Kelly are about to shock us again with the provocative video for “Do What U Want.”

Director Terry Richardson has shared the first photo from the set. In the black-and-white image, a bikini-clad and barefoot Gaga straddles Kellz, who throws up the middle finger.

“I know you’re waiting for the DWUW video. Its unlike any video I’ve ever done. Very Personal. Just making it perfect. Exciting,” tweeted Gaga.

Their collaboration, which appears on Gaga’s album ARTPOP, is currently No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

UPDATE: Check out one more photo from the shoot below.

R. Kelly and Lady Gaga

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  1. meme



  2. troof

    Wrecking Ball


  3. wow



  4. Tesla Fan

    he’s gotta be hitting that…. damn kellz her ass is goat good job


  5. D. kells

    This should be interesting King Of R&B and Lady Gaga I love this song. Kells really on everything I am not mad do your thing shine brother Chi-Town.


  6. 2bad2bme

    #Amess she is just all over the place this era…thought she was killin the game lol


  7. cameron

    i ordered black panties on cduniverse. these 2 r HOT together. she gone get pregnant


  8. jerry L

    youre edgy….WE GET IT!


  9. just4u

    Lady gaga is not the same as she use to be..shes desperate for attention thats y shes doing this.. these two r soo wack together.


  10. jonnyrox

    pedo needs to remember he’s 50 odd and stick to believing he can fly. #Embaressmant


    ff Reply:

    @jonnyrox, No, What’s embarrassing is that your lame ass can’t spell for shit.


  11. Matthew Fridrich

    Fuck off hating on R. Kelly r&b legend. Sold millions of records and won Grammys. He’s been doing it over 20 years and still making hit hit records and receiving granny nominations.


    No. Reply:

    @Matthew Fridrich, How does that change the fact that he’s a child abuser? SOME things cannot be forgotten for the sake of music, money, and talent. How this man still gets work & people want to work with him is absurd.


  12. Andy

    Horrible. Gaga is naked and Kelly full dressed, is nonsense and offensive.


    Matt Basically Reply:

    @Andy, Welcome to Terry Richardson’s over-sexualized work. He’s a high-fashion photographer, but The only thing he’s good at is getting girls naked. He also directed Wrecking Ball, in which Miley Cyrus is naked. That should tell you all you need to know.


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    out of body experience techniques || First Look: Lady Gaga Straddles R. Kelly in ‘Do What U Want’ Video

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