R. Kelly Performs Tribute to Nelson Mandela on ‘Arsenio’

R. Kelly

Just hours after Nelson Mandela’s passing, R. Kelly paid homage to the late civil rights icon during his appearance on “Arsenio.” The R&B legend performed “Solider’s Heart,” a piano ballad which he wrote and performed for the South African leader in his living room in 2010.

“I’m just blessed to know that I walked in his presence,” said Kellz. “He was a spirit walking and being around him inspired me to even go further in my life, in my walk, and my career. He’s just an incredible power.”

In addition to his tribute, he reenacted a press conference while performing his Black Panties cut “Shut Up” and closed out the show with a stirring rendition of “When A Woman Loves.”

During the interview, he shared his preference for panties or thongs (“If you wear thongs, you might as well have your ass just out”), broke down his lyrics about Oreos and black holes, and revealed which artists he’s listening to.

Plus, he improvised by serenading two ladies using the words Frosted Flakes, relish, and ketchup.

Watch the R&B genius at work.

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  1. fa

    What does R, Kelly do in his career to prove of the fact that he looked up to Mandela?
    …and which song did he perform for Mandela in his house?
    ”Bump and Grind”?
    These wannabe tributes by non relevant artists make me laugh!


    D. kells Reply:

    @fa, his music does not have to reflect how he was inspired by Nelson Mandela may he R.I.P and he could have inspired him throughout his life. Secondly he is not a non relevant artist he has been in the music business for 25 years and his stats and producing speaks for itself I need not go into what or who he has wrote for. We as people are always quick to jump who we do not know. So much respect to a legend and the King Of R&B R. Kelly


    fa Reply:

    @D. kells, He used to be relevant!
    That is long time ago!
    He has sold out long time ago!
    Next to all the private drama and his love for barely legal girls, there is not much song material that reflects anything that you have mentioned above!
    I do not ask for him to sing about freedom, being open minded, humanity and kindness but to practice what he preaches!
    It is sad to see what people like him who are truly blessed with talent , do with their blessings.
    His recent music is trivial, embarassing for his age and reductive!


    D. kells Reply:

    @fa, you must not remember or forgot about 12 play. Kells has always made sex addicted songs about sexual activity and who are we to judge somebody only God can judge somebody on that subject. You nor me or God so leave the judgement to God. As for selling out he has never sold out his album Black Panties is a new version of 12 Play and also if you did not hear Write Me Back or The Love Letter album those were two great albums. As for his personal life I don’t know him I don’t know what he does but he was blessed with a great voice and makes great music and produces hits that has never changed. But hey I’m not here to fight or argue we can agree to disagree I’m alwats gonna love his music and that only. God has the right to judge him that is who he will answer to. He still is always will be the King Of R&B


    les Reply:

    @D. kells, yes he is the king of r&b mandela was the king of the country….beeing where r kelly is from we both grew up together he did come from a struggle we both did…..chicago


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