Video: Marsha Ambrosius f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Without You’

Marsha Ambrosius and Ne-Yo

Marsha Ambrosius fought against gay bullying in the video for “Far Away” and risked her life for love in “Cold War.” Now she takes on child molestation in the powerful video for her Ne-Yo-assisted single “Without You.”

The British songstress reflects on her painful past when a man sexually assaulted her as a young girl. While she looks over childhood photos and cries in her basement, Ne-Yo rushes over to console her.

Marsha’s sophomore album Friends & Lovers is due next year featuring Ne-Yo and a collaboration with Alicia Keys.

Grab some tissue and watch the emotional clip below.


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  1. Kelly

    The song is INCREDiBILE! And emotional at the same time best duet for 2014 period.


  2. poe

    wow.. loved it!


  3. Connectarian

    Powerful. She is always, ALWAYS sending powerful messages. The powerful pipes are just the icing on the cake! #YES #Marsha #2014


  4. Closeted star

    When is Ne-Yo coming out?
    His closet stinks especially after this collabo…
    I am not hatin# cause I am gay myself
    but it is just a matter of time until someone finds out and then….it will be too late!


  5. teetee

    lovely song. i like neyo but i could have done without him on the track. I hate how they strategically showed Marsha from a side view and with her head low. Im assuming it was to not show her lazy eye :(


    Rasan8250 Reply:

    @teetee, Her eye is not lazy a nose is a little crooked. Nothing and nobody’s perfect. The Video is dope though. Hopefully she gets a solid release date for the album.


  6. jonnyrox

    marsha all day…


  7. Arnoldrummer

    Marsha never relied in her looks to sell music. She makes great music- which is frankly very hard to find in today’s r&b market atleast. Too bad there’s some slippage with the promo of the single. Great song..


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